Quantum Physics Proves Time Travel is Possible

Not Only Possible But Compulsory

What if I told you that modern Physics proves that time travel is possible? In physics, what can’t be forbidden, must be a necessity. So says Fred Alan Wolf in his book, Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time. In this fascinating book Wolf describes how time travel is possible using for his the basis the unlikely combination of Yoga and Quantum Physics. Let’s examine this phenomenon and ask ourselves how this information can be useful in our everyday life.


According to Wolf, modern physics actually proves time travel to be a reality. The idea of time travel was started by both Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and science fiction writer Herbert George Wells in 1895, with The Time Machine. And in 1905 time travel was predicted to be theoretically possible by Albert Einstein and Hermann Minkowski. According to Wolf in Yoga of Time Travel: , “it now seems that time travel may be an essential requirement in physics’ expanding menu of remarkable phenomena.”

Bhagavad GitaHow Does it Work?

There are those who have created designs of potential time machines similar to what was seen in the movie  Contact, but Wolf reports on secret methods stemming from ancient texts, such as The Bhagavad Gita in which timelessness is attained. These Yogic methods describe time travel by way of meditation. The ancient texts explain that time and space are products of our mind and that they can’t exist independent of it. Coincidentally, the principles of Quantum Physics tells the same story.

But don’t pack your bags for this time travel trip because you can’t take anything with you, including your ego! That’s right. In order to time travel you need to become detached from the illusion of yourself as being an entity separate from the universe. The goal of time travel according to yoga is to understand the one infinite unchanging reality that lies hidden behind the illusion of ceaseless change, essentially to know God. Not what you were thinking, huh?

Are you still interested in time travel? Now before you answer that question, let’s keep moving along. There’s more. You’ll need some time to digest this.

Why Let Go of Ego?Let Go of Ego

According to Wolf, who is part of both What the Bleep Do We Know!? and The Secret , ego is defined by “what it does.” It acts as a focus for the infinite possibilities, stemming from infinite parallel universes, and turns them into actualities. He goes on to say that every ego has a common desire which is impossible to manifest and which is the root of all other desires. That core desire is to connect with the divine while still maintaining the illusion of being a separate entity.

In order to time travel, which is synonymous with becoming one with God, requires that one let their ego dissolve. When ego dissolves a soul can realize its unity with God. It is necessary to release the “5 Fluctuations” through which our ego is active. They are Valid Knowlege, Parody, Word without Meaning, Dreamless Sleep, and Memory of sentient things.

What About the Paradoxes?

The Grandfather Paradox and the Knowledge (or Predestination) Paradox seem troubling at first until Quantum Physics explains how both of these are able to be sidestepped. Both are concerned with the troubles that will occur if events in the past are changed (Grandfather) or information is given (Predestination). The concern is that this could make the time traveler disappear (Grandfather) or make the origin of information impossible to pinpoint (Predestination).

This is avoided, though, because time travel occurs in a parallel universe of which there are an infinite number. So events changed or information shared won’t change events in the universe silo from which the time traveler came. It will only change things within the universe silo that is visited.

Time TravelSo the implication of infinite parallel universes, which again, Quantum Physics states are real, is that there are an infinite amount of universes with your life running parallel but with infinitely different outcomes! Whoa! That is a mind blowing concept!

What Are the Practical Uses of Time Travel Knowledge?

After reading this book, Yoga of Time Travel:, your mind will be be truly stretched. It feels good to have your mind expanded with the thoughts of all these possibilities, but also it is confounding, leaving you with the question of “what do I do with this information?” This is hard to answer. I’ll give my personal thoughts in the comments section below because I am still formulating them.

Some possible practical uses:

  1. Do further study of yoga and meditation and give time travel a try! Maybe therein lies Nirvana.
  2. Let the idea of parallel universes give a sense of peace not to worry about small decisions too much.
  3. Let the idea that we are all really part of a universal reality, God, allow us to find true peace and love in our relationships with others. What are the implications of this when reconciling with those who’ve done us harm?
  4. Let the idea of ego illusion guide us to place less emphasis on the material side of life. Looks, possessions, money, etc. are not what this life is all about. How can we use this as a motivation to rethink our focus, while still remaining present in our daily material lives. Perhaps this can help with the difficulties of forgiving ourselves and others.
  5. Meditate on the infinite possibilities of parallel universes and how they come about. What is our role in creating them? Where do we want to go? What do we want to accomplish?


I highly recommend Yoga of Time Travel: for the intellectual workout it gives and also for its ability to shift your perception, hopefully affording the opportunity for personal growth. I hope you’ll join me in sharing your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below!


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