I Learn, Therefore I Blog.
This is where I share my daily learnings on many topics that are useful, valuable or interesting.

How It All Started
The idea for this blog started in my head back in 2007. I’ve been learning a lot in my life over the last few years, losing a loved one, health challenges, being a parent, building a writing business, building websites, working on improving difficult relationships, and trying to improve myself in all ways. When I discovered blogging this presented me with the perfect medium for sharing.

Life Is About Learning
I find that life is a constant learning experience. But we have to pay attention and be open to receiving the lessons that life presents us. There is constant struggle to implement those things we learn. And I believe it is also important to balance our life’s work with enjoyment of life. The ultimate is to really mix the two even during the difficult times.

My Goal
My goal is to share the valuable lessons that I learn so that others who are experiencing the same struggles may benefit from what I’ve discovered, from the mundane to the profound. The litmus test is that the information I share be USEFUL, prompting you to THINK about your life in new ways and which opens doors for an improved and happy life.

About Me
I love to learn new things and I especially love to share them with my family and friends. I love discussing the things I learn with others because this always leads to expanded understanding. I love to write and am constantly striving to improve this skill. I am interested in science, health, yoga, running, finances, dancing, relationships, personal development, history, philosophy, music, technology, and spirituality. (Wow, that’s a lot. No wonder I can never finish all the books I’m reading! LOL) (There’s more too: like crafts and meditation….the list just goes on and on. I’ll never run out of things to write about!)

Life Learning Today Community
I hope to build a community of readers who stop by regularly (or subscribe) to discover some useful information to improve their life. I hope to also learn from my reader community through your comments. Or if you have an idea for a guest post and it fits with the goals of this site, contact me.We’re all in this life together. Let’s support each other and share what we learn to make all of our lives better!

Thank you for visiting and I welcome your comments!
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