250 x 250 Secrets to a Healthy Life

I have just finished a book called “The Secrets to a Healthy Life.” In this book I tell you how you can have:

  • more energy
  • more mental clarity
  • increased stamina
  • increased flexibility
  • less aches and pains
  • bright, healthy, and younger looking skin
  • relief from chronic stress and anxiety
  • more contented happy outlook
  • lower cholesterol
  • lower chance of life threatening diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, & more)
  • reverse life threatening diseases
  • relief from auto-immune diseases
  • lose weight easily with no calorie counting and no starvation! (true!!)

To learn more about this book check out this full description.

Buy the eBook: “The Secrets to a Healthy Life.”

Pocket Mod Tracking Sheet for Healthy Living

For people who have read the book here is where you can get a Pocket Mod version of the Healthy Living Tracking Sheet.

This is what the Pocket Mod version looks like:

Healthy Living Tracking Sheet PocketMod Version

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Read what others are saying!

Steve Speirs of Run Bulldog Run says:
Secrets to a Healthy Life is an excellent eBook which outlines a five-step approach to to help you lead a better life. The book is deceptively concise, yet packed full of common sense ideas that are backed up by science.”

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Xen of The Lazy Vegan says:

“Many of you might now think this is yet another self-help book that will give you strange “hippie” advice and put you on an extremely strict diet; but that is where you are wrong. The book tells you what you should change in your life to become healthier in a non-forceful way. The author lets you know that changing your lifestyle is nothing that can happen over night, but is something that you need to do at your own pace.

The book is short, but it gives a lot of information from many good sources. It does this without giving you a headache or making you feel that you’re getting overloaded with information. Sometimes books like this tend to get a bit too in-depth. The author manages to give you just enough information to start your quest towards a healthier lifestyle.

This is a book I can recommend to anyone that already lives a healthy life or is just curious. It’s written for everyone and more or less any age group. I would also say it is written in an encouraging way rather than an intrusive way.”

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RT Cunningham of Untwisted Vortex had this to say:

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Secrets to a Healthy Life and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle. It’s well worth the $9.00 (in US dollars) cost of purchase.”

…read more of Richard’s testimonial.

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