How to Lose Weight – For Real, For Good, No Gimmicks, No Cost

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Have you “tried everything” to lose weight and not really had the success you’d like? Would you like to finally get the job done and feel good about yourself? What if I told you It Can Be Done, it’s (relatively) easy, and it won’t cost you anything for the advice? Would you listen? Would you do it? Ok here’s how.

How to Really Lose Weight

To really lose weight you must eat less calories than your body burns each day. It’s simple math.

You’ve heard it before right? As you know, there are a million weight loss strategies out there. But none of them will work if they don’t create a calorie deficit each day. Some of them may create that deficit, but if you’re not monitoring the numbers in a disciplined way then you are setting yourself up for failure.

You may have tried calorie counting. If it failed it was because you either stopped counting calories to take up an “easier method” -(No Carbs, Food Combining, Going Vegan, Exercise Dieting) or you simply stopped counting calories period.

So if you want to get it done this time and keep it off, here is my free and 100% money back guarantee of how to do it:

Steps to Losing Weight

1. Use the free website: This will allow you to do all the manual steps below right online. This is very easy to use and again it is FREE! You can enter recipes and food labels for foods it doesn’t have in its database. It also has an app for iphone, ipad, android and probably others. (I get no monetary compensation for this! It just works!)

2. Log your calories, exercise, and weight. The website will take care of the calculations.

Manual (If you want to keep a written log instead)

1. Find out your basal metabolic rate. This is how many calories your body burns just living. Here are some calculators:
BMI Calculator
Discovery Health BMR Calculator
Calories Per Hour Calculator
WEBmd Calculator

2. Each day count all your calories you take in. Subtract from your BMR.

3. Count all your exercise calories and add it to your BMR. This allows you to eat more calories.

4. Keep a daily log of calories in and out. If you want to lose 1 pound per week, you should aim to have a 500 calorie deficit each day. (7×500=3500. 3500 calories= 1 pound) If you want to lose 1/2 pound each week then shoot for 250 calorie deficit each day. And so on.  (Want even simpler way to track  calories? Try the “High Five” Diet!)

How to Keep Off the Weight

Once you have reached your goal weight, you simply stick with the program but eat calories that roughly match your BMR, keeping a weekly check on your weight. If you find that it fluctuates up, then just adjust your eating down a bit.

So, yes, this is a lifelong habit. No big deal. Just do it and you will reap the benefits of keeping your weight right where you want it.

Don’t think of it as a chore. Think of the benefits you get from doing it. Health, mobility, clothes that fit, and sense of well-being. And so much more.

Tips for Weight Loss Success

Creating a calorie deficit each day shouldn’t be too difficult. You shouldn’t feel really hungry if you spread out your calories and eat mostly non-processed healthy foods. These tips will make doing this a little easier.

1. Be patient at first. You may be a little hungrier the first few days. This will pass.

2. Avoid activities that spur mindless eating, like watching TV. Have healthy snacks for such times or do something else with your hands such as needle work, crosswords, etc.

3. Exercise each day for at least 30 minutes. This will allow you to eat more calories which always makes life feel better!

4. If you can’t exercise, don’t sweat it. Just stick to your calorie deficit plans.

5. Find healthy foods that you like and then mix and match them. A somewhat boring diet that is nonetheless satisfying will make you less likely to overeat. (Examples: always have grilled chicken in the fridge, make your own low calorie dressing from 1t olive oil, 1t balsamic vinegar, and 1t lemon juice plus salt and pepper. Very good, easy, and only 33 calories. Will coat 4 cups of salad!)

6. Don’t worry if you have a calorie surplus on any given day. Pay attention to your weekly total as the main focus.

7. Eat lots of fiber foods (25-30 grams per day) and enough protein (roughly 30% of your total calories) to feel full longer. Learn to love your veggies! Use a little olive oil and spices to enhance the flavor.

8. Have “go-to” treats for when you want a “dessert,” one that don’t take up too many calories, but that will allow you to feel like you’re not giving up goodies. Examples: low calorie cookies, plain greek yogurt with Truvia, air-popped popcorn with garlic powder, salt and 1t olive oil.

9. Avoid low-fiber sugar foods as much as possible. Why? High sugar, low fiber food get stored almost immediately as fat. So minimize sugar! Try to use Truvia (stevia product that tastes best) wherever possible instead. Try making your own ice cream. (Milk, cream, vanilla, & Truvia) So easy and lower calorie. Check out these ice cream makers. Here’s the ice cream maker I use: Donvier Ice Cream Maker.

10. Low Calorie Foods to mix and match.

11. Eat slower. Avoid stress at meal time. This might mean eating before your kids.

12. Watch the calories in alcohol! They add up fast!

13. Watch out for very salty high sodium foods. They will leave you feeling like eating more when you are actually thirsty. They will also bloat you.

14. WOMEN: BIG IMPORTANT TIP: Don’t weigh yourself in the last 2 weeks of your cycle, or if you do, realize that there will be water weight there. Your most accurate weight will be 5-7 days after your first day of menstruation.

15. Have a “go-to” low calorie healthy snacks ready ahead of time. Examples: cut up fruit, nuts, air popcorn, low-fat cheese or plain greek yogurt.

16. Eliminate from your pantry and desk drawers high calorie foods you can’t resist.

Summary for Losing Weight

Count your calories in and out each day in relation to your BMR. Seek a calorie deficit each day. Focus on the week total most. Exercise will make it easier, but you don’t have to as long as you have that calorie deficit. Make it a lifelong habit!

Good luck!

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