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Randomness and Routine

Getting the Most Out of Life Using Routines

I am always searching for more structured and more efficient routines. This is because my natural tendency is for disorganization. And I find that the more structure I have in my life, the better I feel at the end of the day. This is because I know where I’m going and I can see what I’ve accomplished. And also it makes leisure time more relaxing because I know that I’ve accomplished my work and that I’ve earned my time off to play. When I don’t have structure, I’m still working hard, but I get a general sense of anxiety that I haven’t gotten enough work done or that I’ve missed something. So structure is important, but recently I learned something very cool about the power of breaking routines:


Last week, my routine was disrupted a bit. I went with my mom to a doctor’s appointment, I helped with a spring cleaning, and my son’s school ended. All of these things forced me to do my writing work differently, in different places, and at different times. And by being in these new places, working at different times, and doing things that were outside of my normal routine, I discovered something wonderful! Randomness in your life brings about powerful bursts of creativity. It set my brain moving in a different way. It kind of wakes up your non-automatic brain, the creative problem-solving part.

Letting Your Creativity Bloom

Random events don’t automatically open up this creativity. I think the reason it did this time was that I decided to not get angry, uptight, resentful of these random interruptions that disturbed my routine. I consciously decided to go with the flow. And by having that easy going approach, then the creativity opened up! I discovered some new productivity solutions and I had a burst of ideas for my writing that will keep me busy for a while.

Balancing Routine and Randomness

So how can you have Routines and ensure that you get your needed dose of Randomness? Two ways. I think the most important is to be open and welcoming of those natural disruptions to your routine that occur. This doesn’t mean you should allow all disruptions, but when there is one that is unavoidable, go into it with this focus: “How can I learn from this? Have fun with this?” Or “how might I use this to further what I’m working on?” Or simply, “I am open to good things that may come of this detour.”

The second way to get your dose of Randomness is to schedule it. How? Simple. Just do something new at least once a week, whether that is walking a new way to work or eating at a different lunch shop or going somewhere new. Just pick something and do it. Then be aware how your mind is opened up. If you need to, schedule a weekly reminder that says “Do something new today!”

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