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Mix & Match Detox Plan for Cleansing, Health, and Weight Loss

Looking for simple guide to detox for one week or more? Well here it is. It’s pretty simple. Prepare some of the items ahead of time to make it easy to put your meals together quickly, such as the dressings, beans, quinoa, etc. You can read the plan below and also download the pdf version for easy printout. Click here to download the plan as a PDF file >>> 1 Week Detox Cleanse Plan

1 Week Detox Cleanse Plan

Key Ideas

  1. Start day by cleaning and charging your mind.
    • Set your intention for the day.
    • Use positive affirmations all day long for the things you seek to be, do, and feel.
    • Look for the good all day.
  2. Next jumpstart your body with 15-20 minutes of exercise that gets blood pumping and lungs breathing.  Do 50 seconds of each of these with 10 second rest in between. Do 3 sets. This is 15 minutes that will work your whole body and get your lymph moving for detoxing.
    • Jumping jacks or High Knees
    • Push Ups
    • Sit-ups
    • Lunges or Squats
    • Air Pull Ups
  3. First thing to put in body morning: Juice of 1 lemon plus water.
  4. Drink Infused water all day with any or all of these: Lemon, Cucumber, Ginger.
  5. Shoot for as close to 100% organic on your produce to eliminate the burden of pesticides in your body.
  6. Drink decaf Green and Herbal teas. Best:
  7. Eat at regular intervals. Wait to eat breakfast until you feel hungry. Don’t let yourself get too hungry so you will be set up for success for making good choices. Try to eat dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.
  8. Cut out: Sugar, Alcohol, processed foods
  9. Eat: 60-70% mostly veg, much of it raw. 30-20% Seeds, nuts, good fats (coconut, flax, avocado) & healthy proteins: beans, tempeh, organic meats, eggs, greek yogurt.
  10. Limit:
  • Grains especially wheat
  • Dairy – milk and cheese.  (organic Greek yogurt is ok)
  • Meat (choose organic, grass-fed or wild meats/fish)
  1. Don’t skip Fats. Your body needs these, but choose the healthiest:
    • Coconut oil
    • Olive Oil
    • Flax oil – do not heat. Use in salads, smoothies.



BEST: Mix & Match Smoothie.  Choose from Each category 1 or more items

(alternative to smoothie: organic oatmeat with fruit or eggs with veggies)

Berries Nuts/ Nut Butters Kale Cilantro
Banana Nut Milks Spinach Parsley
Dates Coconut Oil/Milk/Cream Dandelion Cucumber
Mango Flax Oil Lettuces Ginger
Pineapple Chia Seeds Chard Vanilla Extract
Papaya Flax Seeds Cacoa
Watermelon Avocado



Really Big Salad (Use very large bowl) It should take a while to eat.

Mix & Match Salad: Choose 1 or more from each category


Kale Carrots Beans/Chickpeas Grapes
Spring Mix Brocolli/Cauliflower Seeds Raisins
Lettuces Raw plain slaw Nuts Craisins
Cilantro Brussel sprouts Tempeh Tomato
Parsley Radish Hard Boiled Egg
Sprouts Organic Chicken
Beets Quinoa
Cucumber Oils: Olive, Flax
Celery Avocado



Dressings:  Mix and Match 1 or more from each category


Olive Oil Garlic Balsamic vinegar Orange (fresh squeezed)
Flax Oil Onion (white or red) Apple Cider Vinegar Berries
Avocado Himalayan or  Sea Salt / Pepper Lemon Honey
Coconut Oil/Cream Any spices! Braggs all purpose spices Lime Maple Syrup
Liquid Aminos
Chipotle / Hot pepper Sauce




Cooked or raw veg.

Mix & Match: Choose approx 70% Veg, 30% Protein/Fats

VEG (approx 70%)

(or pick your fav veg)

Salad Beans Olive Oil Himalayan or Sea Salt  & Pepper
Brocoli/ Cauliflower Tempeh Flax Oil Any spices! Try Braggs Organic spice mixes
Sweet Potato Organic Chicken Coconut Oil Garlic
Beans Organic Greek Yogurt Grass Fed Butter Liquid Aminos
Peppers Quinoa Avocado Vinegars
Onion Brown Rice Organic Greek Yogurt Hot Sauces
Tomato Hummus Fresh Fruit juices
Green Beans
Kimchi/ Fermented Veg: Sauerkraut


Snacks: If you’re hungry between meals choose 1 small snack.


  • Hummus + Seed crackers or Raw Veggies
  • Greek Yogurt + berries
  • Hard Boiled Egg
  • Peanut Butter & Apple slices
  • “Caprese Sandwich”:Tomato/Balsamic//Basil/thin slice Mozzerella cheese/Olive Oil/ Salt  (I know its a little cheese)
  • Quinoa salad (quinoa/sliced peppers/chick peas/olive & flax oil/celery/salt/pepper)


For great meal ideas (also snacks, drinks, etc for detox) go to this website:


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Let Food Be Thy Medicine: 20 Superfoods to Improve Your Health

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I don’t know about you, but I have a little tendency (or maybe a big tendency) to take a situation and then start making problems. For example, let’s say I have a friend comes with the problem and asks for my help. I give them my advice, but I make it into a problem for me. How? I become tied to their outcome. I start worrying about whether they will take my advice are not. Will they go off the deep end? Will their problems get worse? Will they continue to have this problem? And so on.

The answer is maybe yes and maybe no. The way to make it a Not-Problem is to realize it doesn’t matter. Each person is on their own path. You can give help, advice, and love, but they must walk their own path. And you must walk yours.

Worry over future negative outcomes = “creating problems.”

Do you ever do this?

Let’s examine the simple solution to make Not-Problems.

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I Have Enough

Enough - Buddha

I have enough of everything to allow myself to be calm, content, and happy.

I have enough time. (I take care of each activity, one at a time. I prioritize my work so the most important things get done first.)

I have enough resources. (I have abundance in my life. Everything I truly need I have and will have as needed.)

I am protected. (I trust that I am protected and I release my fears of potential bad outcomes. I trust that all good things are coming my way and that I am strong enough to handle any storms of life.)

I am calm and confident. (I don’t worry about my to-do list because I take care of things with ease.)

Each thing I do is easy for me. (I take things at a reasonable pace and find ways to enjoy it all.)

Life is Good!


The Power of Your Mind – No, Really the Power of Your Mind

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You have a problem. (How do I know this? We All have problems or at least we think we do!!!)

Let’s say your problem is your mood. You want to be happy, but you can’t get out of negative feelings – frustration, anger, sadness, etc. You wonder:

Is it lack of sleep? Bad food? My time of the month? Too much caffeine, right? That comment from my co-worker, spouse, friend, etc.?

No, no, no, no, and no.

These could have been triggers, but it’s not the reason why you’re in a pickle right now.

The reason is the habits of your mind. You can have the best of intentions and desires to change your mood (or attain whatever solution needed for your problem), but until you change your habit of mind, you just won’t get there.

But there is Great News! You can definitely overcome this! How? The power of your mind! Duh!

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What to Do When Fear Creeps In On a Good Day

Good things are coming
I just learned this today. See if this rings a bell for you.

Ever have a day when things are suddenly going well in your life? The sun is shining. You’re meeting your goals. No technology road bumps. People are letting you go in traffic. The world is generally shining on you and you are riding that wave!

And then you do that thing.

You suddenly think “This is strange. I wonder when the other shoe will drop? When will stuff start going wrong – like it usually does?”

Guess what that is going to get you? Yup, a shoe dropping out of the sky right on your head – allowing you to say “Ah, there you are. I was expecting you.”

The bottom line is if you look for the shoe, you’re going to find the shoe.

There’s a better way to handle great moments in your life, a way that is much more empowering and which will manifest more of the good stuff that you’re experiencing.

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typical holland blurr

If you are human, you likely spend a lot of time worrying about the future. Not necessarily the far future, but the close future.

  • I have so many things to do.
  • How can I get them all done?
  • Will they all get done?

This happens constantly, so much so that you stop noticing it. The problem is this habit robs you. It robs you of energy and it robs you of bliss in this current moment. You’re not alone. This is a human habit.

But you can ease this burden. You can establish new habits that bring more light (and productivity) into your life.

Here’s the cure:

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Your husband left the toothpaste cap off again. (and the toilet seat up, and…..)

Your boss is a raving lunatic.

Your child is having a tantrum. Again.

Your mother won’t stop telling you how to live your life.

Your father is distant.

Your friend always says the most insensitive things.

Someone just honked their horn at you in the parking lot for some unknown reason.

What to do?

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