Don’t Just Take a Break – Bust a Move and Build Some Muscle

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If you read a lot of self-improvement blogs like I do then you’ve probably heard of the concept of taking hourly breaks to improve productivity and reduce stress. And if you’re like me, it sounds great in theory, but in reality I don’t really do it. Why? I think maybe it’s because I don’t know what to do during that time. Certainly 5-10 minutes of meditation would be great, but most people’s work is already so cerebral, how about something physical instead? Here’s what I started doing and I love it!

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Forget the Diet Plans: The No-Brainer Way to Eat Healthy AND Lose Weight

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healthy diet plan


During my life I’ve had a love/hate view of “the meal plan” segment of diet books. I want to make it work, but often it just takes too much time and effort to follow the plan and so I don’t stick with it for more than a couple days.

I’ve read many many books and articles on nutrition, food as medicine, and weight loss. In that time I’ve come up with a simple formula that I use to eat healthy and lose/maintain weight.

What follows is a simple approach to eating that is both healthy and conducive to losing/maintaining your desired weight.

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A Quick Way to Lighten Your Problems

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Lighten Problems

If you have problems, and we all do, there is a quick way to take the heaviness out of that situation. Lightening your problem will give you the confidence and mood-boost you need to solve it or work around it. In fact, if you do this often enough you may even feel like you’re living a 100% Problem-Free Life. (my friend Sneha’s free ebook link). So here’s what to do…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sore Throat Remedy – A Natural Cure

Healthy Living January 30th, 2014

Natural Sore Throat Remedy


I woke up with a bad sore throat yesterday morning. My doctor couldn’t fit me in yesterday. (I wanted to find out if it was strep) so I searched for a natural remedy. I found several different ideas which I combined into one “recipe.” Lo and behold it worked like a charm. My sore throat was gone by the end of the day. Here’s what I did:

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How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes – Exact Instructions with ScreenShots

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Set Up WordPress Blog in 5 minutes

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog in 5 Minutes Using BlueHost – Exact Instructions & Screenshots

This free tutorial gives specific instruction on setting up your blog with the webhost called Bluehost. I host some of my sites with Bluehost and it couldn’t be easier to get started with them! I am very pleased with their hosting, dashboard, customer service, and of course great pricing: $4.95/month – can’t beat it! – Plus they will give you a free domain URL too! Read the rest of this entry »

How to Name Your Blog

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Choosing Your Blog URL Name

How to Choose Your Blog Name

So you’re thinking of setting up a new blog or a website and you need to come up with a name first. This post will give you some ideas for creating your blog name and also places where you can register (purchase) the domain name you pick.

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How to Have Sex with the Lights On

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How to Have Sex with the Lights On

oringinal photo by: half alive - soo zzzz - text boxes by me

I have a guest post over at this week and it is being featured as an Editor’s Pick! Thank you, Blogher!

Please, check it out and let me know your thoughts on the topic. And if you like the article and decide to share it with your friends, I thank you!

You CAN Have Sex with the Lights On!

(original title was How to Have Sex with the Lights On!)

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Confessions of a Belly Dancer

Blogging, Emotions, Healthy Living, Personal Development August 21st, 2013



I have guest post over at Only-Mama blog this week:

Confessions of a Belly Dancer

This is a post about the battle waged between our body-image angels and demons.

Would love it if you could check it out and leave a comment there!

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Real Women’s Bodies

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Artwork attribution: “The Many Kinds of Girl” by vonnie-seiyuki-chan


If you or someone you know would like to feel better about their body, please check out my new website called Real Women’s Bodies.

The site’s mission is to help women learn to accept, like, and love their bodies. This is achieved through 2 methods:

  1. Viewing and reading other women’s body stories and images.
  2. Body-image articles that help shift your perspective towards a more powerful and positive view.

I hope that if you have a few moments you’ll check out the site and:

A note about images:

The site is new and just starting out so there are more articles than images.


All picture submissions are strictly anonymous. We are looking for a few brave women to help us get the ball rolling with their body stories.  Will you join us? If not, perhaps you could share the link with someone who you know would consider it.

Thank you for helping us spread the message to help women feel better about themselves! You can really make a difference for others and ultimately for yourself!


Thank you!


Say What You Really Want to Say + Big Announcement

Blogging, Creativity, Writing August 7th, 2013

say what you really want to say

Wow! Just read some great advice for writers and anyone trying to gain readership for their cause, blog, or business. Here it is:

(also check out my big announcement!)

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