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I’m glad to see that you are interested in writing a post for Life Learning Today!

Life Learning Today is a community of people who love to find ways to live life better through tips/lifehacks, examining their own life, and learning from others’ experiences.

Here are our guest post submission guidelines.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Original: Your article must be original (written by you) and must not have appeared anywhere else previously whether online or in print. If you have the rights to something published in print and are able to grant those rights for it to be published here, then please note that in the “additional comments” box below.

Length– 600-2000 words

Readability – please be edited for readability using numbered lists or bullet points where helpful. Sub-headers within the post make reading easier as well. Shorter paragraphs are easier to read so break them up where you can.

Value: When writing your goal should always be focused on “What is the problem this post will help people with?” In other words, what does the reader need help with. Your article should give concrete ways to solve a problem. There should be an obvious benefit to the audience to read your post.

Headline: Should grab the reader and make them want to read your story/advice.

Content: your post should fall under one of our (many) categories. If it is a story about how to live life better, that’s a good measure that it could fit. I’m looking for writers who have their own blog or writers who simply want to contribute with a link back to their writing somewhere on the web or in print.

Links: Please do not place links in your article unless they are important informational links. Links to your work should only appear in your bio. We reserve the right to remove links within the content if we feel they aren’t warranted.

Your Byline: Please include a short bio of yourself with maximum of 3 links.

What Won’t Work: we don’t take guest posts on behalf of corporate clients who are trying to sell a product or service with a linkback. Not looking for articles on subjects like pest removal, installing new floors, making money on a certain exchange, and so on.

Submission Details

Document – please attach via Word doc ending in either .doc or .docx. Please use single line spacing.

Optional: photo of yourself.

Other Information

Editing: If your article is chosen for publication we reserve the right to edit for grammar, clarity, links, and/or content.

Response Time: We respond to all submissions. It can take as long as 1-4 weeks, depending on our backlog of submissions.

Acceptance: Not all submissions will be featured. In fact, very few are actually selected. Sometimes we already have content on your subject. Sometimes the writing style is not a good fit. Sometimes, we just don’t need content at that time. Either way, it is never a personal judgment of you if your piece is not selected at this time. Please don’t lose heart and feel free to try again in the future.

Permission: By submitting your article you are giving us permission to edit and publish your writing here on

Thank you again! Looking forward to your submission!

You can submit your article here:

Guest Post Submit

Guest Post Submission
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  • If you don't have access to MS Word, you can submit the content of your post here, however a word document is much preferred as it will preserve your formatting and links.
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