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“Life Learning Today is an excellent resource that provides readers with real life examples and guidance that can be easily implemented by just about anyone interested in improving their daily experiences in life.” – Jay White, Dumblittleman.com

“Life Learning Today is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to
improve their life, to be happier, more productive. It’s well written
with a wealth of information — I can’t recommend this blog highly
enough. – Leo Babauta, Zen Habits

“There are so many blogs that just blend into the background… but not this one! Kris’s “tell-it-like-it-is” style combined with compassion and a genuine interest in helping readers makes Life Learning Today a blog that is always at the top of my “must read” list.”

-Christine O’Kelly, Self Made Chick

“At Life Learning Today, the content is always uplifting, informative, and powerful. My time is very limited, and with thousands of blogs out there that cover my areas of interest, I have to prioritize where I want to spend my time. Life Learning Today is always worth my time, and I’m looking forward to continual useful content in the future!”
– Aaron M. Potts, Today is that Day

“Bringing you the best of life and tips on healtier living, Life
Learning Today is an extremely useful blog to keep an eye on.
Dedicated to provide simple solutions on the problems faced by many
people, reading this blog everyday, keeps the doctor away!”

-Ilker, The Thinking Blog

“Life is about learning, and at ‘Life Learning Today’, you’ll get practical tips and suggestions for how to integrate personal development teachings into everyday life. It’s empowering. Thoughtfully written by the talented Kris Stone, who has the ability to engage and captivate her readers.”

– Tina Su, Editor, ThinkSimpleNow.com

“Life Learning Today is an incredibly valuable resource. The articles are consistently top-quality and filled with practical and powerful life improvement tips and tools. I visit Life Learning Today on a weekly – if not daily – basis, and always find something of value.”

Edward Mills, www.edwardmills.com

“Agent Sully consistently writes helpful articles with very practical advice on how you can improve your life. And no matter what topic she’s exploring it’s always with a clear and positive voice.”
– Henrik Edberg, The Positivity Blog

“I’ve subscribed to Life Learning Today for almost a year and have been uplifted by every post. Each article is full of ideas that you can implement in your life today and see results. Life Learning Today is like having a library of the best in personal development books right at your fingertips without having to spend a dime. The author freely passes along the wisdom they have gained without expecting anything in return. What’s more, unlike many personal development books or blogs that have a preachy or condescending attitude towards their readers, the author of Life Learning Today writes in a humble and completely encouraging tone. You can tell that they are genuinely passionate about what they write about and are excited to share it with others. ”
-Brett McKay The Art of Manliness, The Frugal Law Student

“LifeLearningToday continues to surprise me with tips about areas of my
life I didn’t know needed tips! I like that the blog doesn’t get too
focused on one tiny dimension of improvement and discusses areas from
personal finance to improved energy levels. The author searches for
the best personal improvements so that I don’t have to.”
– Richard Watston, Tudumo
“Although I never manage to make a daily visit (sometimes taking a week),
I truly enjoy the life improvement tips that “AgentSully” provides.
These are tips that almost anyone can use to improve their station in
life. Highly recommended!”
-RT, Untwisted Vortex
“Each post on LifeLearningToday is carefully crafted and packed with
an impressive variety of resources on whatever the day’s topic may be.
I didn’t even realize I was interested in half of the subjects covered
on the site until I discovered them there. The author brings a level
of energy, expertise and thoroughness rarely found in the blogosphere.
This site is gem and invaluable resource for anyone wanting or needing
inspiration and tools to improve their life.”

-Craig of Allsux


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