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How to Beat a Cold Before It Gets Its Hooks into You – 5 Easy Natural Steps


At the first sign of a cold you can employ this easy and natural five prong attack to wipe out any cold before it gains any steam. To be most effective this strategy needs to be started as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold such as headache, sniffles, sneezing, or a sore throat.

In fact I just used this successfully yesterday. I had a cold coming on last night: headache, sneezing, tired. I followed this protocol and by the time I went to bed I already felt better! By the morning I was 100% healthy. Zero symptoms. This is amazingly effective. It’s effectiveness is directly proportional to how soon you get started on this. But, even if you have a cold already, this will shorten it. So either way go for it!

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No Fail, Quick Cure, Cold Remedy

Creative Commons License photo credit: Elliot Stokes

When I have the common cold, I want it gone immediately.  Although I haven’t come up with an “immediate” solution, I do have a regimen that works really well for shortening the duration of a cold. If you start this regimin at the very first sign of a cold you could keep the cold down to just a day or two. If you have something worse than the common cold, this will likely help, but you should also see your doctor. Diseases worse than the common cold should be evaluated by your doctor.

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