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There’s Gonna Be a “Mobbst” Over At BLOGGST!


There is a brand new blogging community forum that just came on the scene and You should check it out!

It’s called Bloggst!


Bloggst is an online blogging forum where you can learn, promote, and have some fun! Not just another way to get your blog’s name out there, this is a USEFUL site!

The colors and layout are very happy and visually pleasing. For that alone it’s worth a look-see.

You can browse in many different ways such as looking through News items, Articles, by Tags or in the Forum itself. And of course you can always Search for items you need or are interested in.

In the Forum, there are 2 general topics: “General Chat” and “Feedback, Suggestions and Support.” Then there are currently 4 Blogging Topics: “Develop & Maintain,” “Design & Code,” ” Promotion & Adverts” (this is a how to topic, not a place to just promote your blog), and “Monetizing.”

The Navigation has links to a user Control Panel, FAQ, Members List, Calendar, New Posts, and Search.

This is a very exciting new forum that I think could possibly be as big as MyBlogLog eventually. It is designed to be a useful place to share information and in by default the quality of what you share will bring you traffic to your blog.

Bonus if you hurry: a current contest will reward the first 30 Bloggers with FREE ADVERTISING of their blog on Bloggst’s Main page!!

Let me know what you think in my comments below! Good Luck to All!

Get Your Blog Reviewed by Review Your Blog

Review Your Blog has just completed the first review of Life Learing Today. The author of this blog also publishes the website: Check out my review and let me know what you think of my blog! Thank you to all my readers!

Life Learning Today is such an excellent blog, great color and font, easy and interesting to read about a variety of subjects. My usual advice that photos help keep readers interested would apply here. But, you will learn a lot and enjoy theexperience.

Promote Your Site: A Blog for Promoting Your Blog

Promote Your Site: How to join

This is a blog promoting website that I just found. Here’s how it works: You create a link to this blog by making a posting in your blog. Then you email

Here is information directly from
“This blog is open to all who wants to join and promote their blog(s) or daily article for free by posting whenever and whatever they want (except porn). Please note that at least you owned a blog.Joining is by invitation, just tell me if you are interested and send it to with a link to your blog(s) for review and you will be invited. Linking back is not necessary, however if you are generous enough here’s the URL:

Members post articles and can have a link back to their blog.

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