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Where Are You Going in Such a Hurry?

cheifyc / Pixabay

Where are you going in such a hurry?

Where ever you go you are always right here. Where ever you go you are always with yourself. Whether you are in your home, on the subway, or at the top of a the Himalayas, you are always right here with yourself. 

What about the hurry? You say, ” I have to do this by this time.” What time is that? The time is always now. Is your “hurry” mindset necessary in what you are doing? Does it get you there faster? Or does it slow you down?

How can we be more present? How can we eliminate “hurry” even if we happen to be moving fast?

And if you are always right here and the time is always now what should you be doing?

The simple answer to this question is “the only thing for us to do is our Dharma, our duty.”

But what does that mean and how do we know what that is? Continue Reading →

The Secrets to a Healthy Life


Secrets to a Healthy Life

For those of you who want a healthier heart, a safe and simple weight loss program, and a longer, richer, more energized life, I am excited to announce that my new ebook, The Secrets to a Healthy Life, is finally available. It is priced at only $9 $5!! It is a concise guide that gives you everything you need to know to become healthier, more vibrant and alive with joy. And you risk nothing by purchasing it. It comes with an unconditional money-back guarantee if you don’t find value in this ebook.

It is a short read with powerful guides and tools to track your success. It has crucial information about improving your health that simply does not reach mainstream America, Europe, Australia and beyond. The doctors in our system are too bogged down with patients to discover and deliver the correct advice for health. It’s often easier for them to prescribe a pill and move on to the next patient. That’s simply not good enough for you!

Who should read this book? Everyone! Seriously, anyone who deals with one of these concerns listed below or anyone who simply wants to live their longest, healthiest, and happiest life with no need for drugs should read this book. I guarantee you’ll find value or I’ll refund your full purchase price. You have nothing to lose!

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Lose Belly Fat – Is It Really Possible?

Lose Belly Fat

Yes! Of course it is! Don’t give up! There is hope. The key is to understand how your body works and to have a comprehensive plan that you will execute over a reasonable period of time. Translation: this is not a quick fix. But, remember, it is doable! Take the turtle approach, slow and steady, and you’ll get there.

Now it is true that fat cells don’t disappear unless you surgically remove them. But you don’t need to go that route because fat cells can shrink! You may think “Oh, boy, this is going to be difficult.” It will take work, yes, but remember it’s not impossible. There is a solution. You can trim your tummy. This is great news!

I’ve assembled a guide here that includes the best tips from my own personal experience as well as other experts in the fields of diet, exercise, and stress-management.

The tips below work best when combined as an overall program. The three areas we’ll cover are diet, exercise, and anti-stress strategies. Get committed, create your personal plan, and you will lose your belly fat!

If you want the total solution in full detail, check out my ebook “The Secrets to a Healthy Life,” which details the fully researched health regimen I used to lose 15 pounds and become a much healthier and happier person. (And yes, a flatter tummy too!)

Diet Tips for Losing Belly Fat

If you want a sleeker tummy, then you’ll want to lose weight overall and more specifically you’ll want to lose fat. Spot reductions are not feasible. However if you carry most of the weight in your mid-section then the good news is that’s where you will see the results first. Here are the tips for healthy dieting:

1. Weight Loss Plan.

2. What to Eat.

  • Balanced Diet where your calorie breakdown follows these percentages approximately: (check out How to Eat Healthierfor more information)
    • 35% lean protein (vegetarian is healthiest – beans, nuts, tofu, seitan, lots of green veggies)
    • 35% high fiber carbohydrates (shoot for 25-30g fiber per day)
    • 30% healthy fats (olive oil, flaxseed oil – bear in mind you can’t cook with flaxseed oil, add it to salads or already steamed vegetables for flavor and other important nutrients)
  • Eat lots of vegetable and fruits that have a low glycemic index. Here is a list of foods and their glycemix index. To reduce fat, steam your vegetables or stir fry in broth.
  • Drink Your Fruits/Veggies! This is an easy way to eat healthy. Blend up smoothies, vegetable drinks, or quick puree soups. I can’t recommend anything more highly than a VitaMix blender. It’s a little pricey, but they last a lifetime and they make eating healthy a breeze. I love mine!
  • Consider taking a CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid), 1000mg 3 times a day with meals. In studies CLA was shown to reduce body fat, in particular in the belly area. If you have diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, check with your doctor first. UPDATE: I no longer recommend CLA supplements. I don’t think that CLA will hurt you, but from all my research, it appears that the most effective, safe, and healthy way to lose weight is to follow a whole foods plant based diet called a Vegan diet. Also check out Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedmand and Kim Barnouin. (FYI: It’s not a diet of misery. It’s a delicious way to eat, otherwise I wouldn’t do it!)
  • If you eat meat, buy organic meats which have lower saturated fat content and higher natural levels of CLA.

3. Resources.


Exercise Tips to Lose Belly Fat

When trying to lose belly fat the important thing to remember is to include whole body exercises and to rotate your workouts in order to continually provide a challenge for your body. Otherwise your body becomes acclimated and does not receive as much benefit as if you vary your workouts. So for example if you always jog 30 minutes every day, that will be less effective than if you do different types of workouts every few days. Here are the exercise tips for losing tummy fat:

1. Do 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily. Brisk walking or jogging are great low cost exercises to do, but anything that you enjoy and that gets your heart rate up is fine. Shoot for at least 3-5 times per week at a minimum. Here is an excellent article on varying your jogging workouts. And here is an article on how to become a runner.
2. Do whole body workouts 2-3 times per week such as yoga (strenuous) or Pilates or a weight-lifting program. These types of exercises will build muscle, increase metabolism, and make losing fat easier. Here is a link to my favorite yoga and Pilates videos.
3. Instead of cruches, try these Army exercises that strengthen and tone your stomach as part of a whole body workout.
4. Hold your stomach muscles in during the day whenever you can think of it. This will strengthen your abdominal girdle and create a flatter stomach.
5. Sit up straight and pull in your stomach muscles when sitting. You might want to create physical reminders to do this such as a post-it note at your desk or a loose rubber band around your wrist.
6. Stretching. Take breaks throughout the day to do back bending stretches that will stretch out your stomach muscles and keep them from becoming shortened which is not good for your stomach or your back.

Additional Resource: Check out “Why Is Exercise Good for You?” This gives you information on all the cool ways that your body changes when you exercise. It’s very motivating!

Anti-Stress Strategies for Losing Belly Fat

You may have seen commercials for supplements that will help you regulate the hormone cortisol in order to lose belly fat. Well controlling cortisol is very good idea, however supplements are not the way to go. What you want to do is reduce the stress that produces the cortisol hormone.

Cortisol is a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism and blood pressure. When you encounter stress, including lack of sleep, cortisol boosts your energy level by producing glucose. If you have chronically high stress levels then you’ll have too much of this hormone. This will keep your appetite stimulated and also keeps glucose production high. The body converts excess glucose into fat, which is usually stored in the midsection for quick access by your body.

How do you neutralize the stress of daily life? With relaxation techniques. Here are some helpful ideas:

1. Get Enough Sleep. Only you know how much sleep you need, but if you are routinely dragging during the day feeling sleepy, lethargic, exhausted, etc., then you probably need to get more sleep.

2. De-Stress Breaks. Take small breaks throughout the day, say every 1-3 hours. On the break you can:

3. Try Tai Chi, Qigong, or Yoga a few times a week.

  • Here are a list of my favorite yoga videos.
  • Here are two Qigong videos I recommend:
  • Qigong for Stress Relief – Francesco Garripoli
  • Qigong beginning practice – Francesco Garripoli

4. Meditate Daily. Meditate for 10-20 minutes 1-2 times per day, once in the morning and once in the later part of the day. This will set the tone for your day and help curb the automatic stress response. Here are a few recommended meditation and self-hypnosis guides:

5. Calming Guidance. Consider listening to positive audio tapes in your car or on your daily exercise. The one that I highly recommend is Andrew Matthews, “Happiness and Success” audio program. The website is one of those salesy sites, but never fear, this is probably the best self-help product I ever bought. I listen to it often and always refer my friends to his books and audio programs.

Other Considerations When Trying to Lose Belly Fat

1. Hypothyroidism. If you follow all these steps and can’t lose weight check with your doctor as you may have an under active thyroid which can throw off your metabolism and cause you to gain weight.

2. Buddy Up for Success. Enlist a friend, colleague, or family member to join your challenge. You’ll be more successful if you have someone to encourage and push you!

3. Hire a Personal Trainer. Think of all the stuff you buy that you don’t need. Why not spend money on something that could make a real difference in your health? This is great if you need help with discipline or with crafting an exercise routine.

4. Make Healthy Eating Easy. Fruits and veggie eating is the best way to be healthy and lose weight. You can eat as much as you want! Blend them into smoothies and soups. I can’t recommend anything more highly than a VitaMix blender. It’s a little pricey, but they last a lifetime and they make eating healthy a breeze. I love mine!

Please Share!

Do you have a success story on losing your tummy fat? If you’re just starting let us know so we can all encourage you! All comments big and small are very welcomed!

If you want the total solution in full detail, how I lost 15 pounds and got a flatter tummy, check out my ebook “The Secrets to a Healthy Life.”

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Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk for Increased Energy

Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk for Increased Energy

Got the afternoon slumps? Never fear, a solution is here.

I put together a simple series of stretches you can do right at your desk that will amazingly boost your energy.

Check it out over at Simple Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk for Increased Energy

Desk Stretch

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Do you stretch at your desk? Does it help you? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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Office Yoga: Tackling Tension with Simple Stretches You Can Do At Your Desk

Fluid Yoga, Fluid Power

Review: Shiva Rea Fluid Power: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

I was fortunate to try this new yoga DVD recently. I loved it so much, I want to share with you a review of this remarkable yoga DVD.

I’m a big fan of yoga beacuase of the total body and mind conditioning it gives you. And I’m a big fan of yogini Shiva Rea. Her yoga videos give you everything you could want:

  • Inspired, organic, and unique yoga instruction.
  • Background music that fits well with each portion of the practice from invigorating to meditative.
  • Easy to use matrix that allows you to create your own custom practice.
  • Preset practices for when you don’t want to make choices.
  • Beautiful scenery and inspiring demonstration of the poses.
  • Many extras including interviews and education.

Shiva Rea Fluid Power – the DVD

Shiva Rea’s latest DVD, Fluid Power, creates a wonderful follow up to her other 2 sensational yoga DVD’s, Yoga Shakti and Yoga Trance Dance. Fluid Power is a creative yoga DVD that celebrates and honors the fluid wave motion of our bodies and of our world. Shiva presents her yoga practices in vinyasa form which is a series of yoga poses that flow together.

There are over 3 hours of yoga sequences to choose from when creating your custom practice or choosing from the 6 preset practices. The matrix system that allows you to do this on your DVD player is very easy to use. The DVD comes with a beautiful booklet that describes each sequence and guides you in how you might want to structure your practice. If you want super easy, just choose from one of the 6 preset practices that vary in both length and level of intensity, from purely meditative to advanced.

What I really like about this video is how it combines creativity of motion, meditative poses, and also challenging poses that leave you feeling not only stronger and more flexible, but also like you tapped into a whole new part of your being, getting in touch with your fluid self. I found that this was very relaxing even while gently challenging. It is truly unlike any other yoga video I’ve ever seen. I would say that it falls somewhere between Yoga Shakti, which is quite challenging and Yoga Trance Dance which is highly creative. Fluid Power combines the best essences of these two DVD’s giving you creative yoga that lets you explore, while at the same time providing structure that is comforting.

This video is for beginners with some experience all the way up to advanced yoga students. If you want a Shiva Rea yoga that has it all, this is the one to buy. I have all 3 of her top videos and since each one is unique, I can recommend owning all 3. Below is a list of some of her popular videos. Which is your favorite?

Other Shiva Rea Yoga DVD’s

Shiva Rea - Yoga ShaktiShiva Rea – Yoga Shakti

Shiva Rea - Fluid Power - Vinyasa Flow YogaShiva Rea – Fluid Power – Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Acacia - Yoga Trance Dance - Exercise And YogaAcacia – Yoga Trance Dance – Exercise And Yoga

Prenatal Yoga With Shiva ReaPrenatal Yoga With Shiva Rea

Sun Salutations with Shiva ReaSun Salutations with Shiva Rea

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What are your favorite yoga videos? All comments big and small are very welcomed!

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Top 10 Yoga Videos + Bonus Pilates Too

Top 10 Yoga Videos + Bonus Pilates Too

Yoga Class vs. Yoga Video

Personally, I prefer a yoga class to a yoga video, because of the personal instruction and the community of like-minded people moving in the same direction. But, I haven’t been to a yoga class in years! Why? No time! I know, I know, I should make time. It’s on my list. 🙂 But in the meantime, I have amassed a good collection of yoga (and pilates) videos which have many benefits over going to a class: no drive time to the class, only have to pay for them once (usually about the price of a class or 2), no need to look your best, you can practice any time of day, you can choose which style you feel like that day, and more.

Last Saturday I shared with you some Free Yoga website resources. This week I am going to share with you my Top 10 Yoga Videos plus a bonus of 4 pilates and other videos I like too. The videos are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Shiva Rea – Yoga Shakti (above photo)

My Top 10 Yoga Videos

Ali MacGraw – Yoga Mind & Body This is an older video, but there’s nothing old about it. It is filmed on a very pleasing scene: white sands and blue blue sky. All the yogis are interesting. The narration is done by yoga master Erich Schiffman who is famous for not wanting to be famous. The music is very upbeat and kind of tribal.  50 minutes. Not aimed at beginners, but doesn’t exclude them either.

Total Yoga – This is another older video, but it is good. It is a hatha vinyasa flow series which means multiple poses are connected in continuous routines. It will get your heart rate up, but it is also good for the beginner. This one is narrated. There is just one person performing the poses. 60 minutes.

Baron Baptiste Live!: Core Power This live video takes place in the Baptiste Power Yoga Studio in Boston. Baron is a yogi born of parent yogis! He’s very good. His yoga is a real workout. It will get you sweating. At the same time Baron gets you to relax your inner self while your body is working so hard. This is power vinyasa yoga which means the poses flow from one to the next more quickly than say Inyengar yoga where poses are held longer. Music by Krishna Das. 30 minutes. All levels.

Baron Baptiste: Journey Into Power, Level 1 More of Baptiste Yoga. This one takes place at one of his offsite retreats in a tropical environment. You are right there with his yoga retreat, sweating with his many students of all levels. 30 minutes.

Baron Baptiste – Journey Into Power Level 2 Same tropical retreat as above, except this class is longer and more strenuous.  “Sculpt your ideal body, create a deep inner calm, and transform your life.” I like Baron’s because I feel like I not only stretched my body and calmed my mind, but I also got a good workout. 45 minutes.

Shiva Rea – Yoga Shakti If you can only afford one video, this might be the one to get. Excellent instruction, very intuitive approach, by yogini Shiva Rea. She is amazing to watch. The video is filmed in Kerala India on this very beautiful and unique beach at sunset and at dawn. The music is amazing. The video has a matrix of different sequences which you can choose from to create a custom workout. Or you can choose from 4 different preset programs. Shiva’s program is vinyasa flows which focus on being lead by the breath. Modifications are provided for beginners, but this is strenuous yoga. There are many cool extras. This is an A+ video! Multiple time lengths from 30 minutes to 90 minutes and more if using the customized matrix.

Kripalu Yoga Dynamic DVD Classical series of 30 asanas in Kripalu’s meditative approach. Poses are held longer than in vinyasa flow style. This is a more quiet type of yoga. Not aimed at the beginner, but doesn’t exclude either. Poster with all the asanas comes with this DVD. Narrated by Stephen Cope while several diverse yogis perform the asanas. Good for when you want a slower approach. 85 minutes.

Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers This is a slower more meditative yoga too like Kripalu, except there is a more intimate feel with this. Sarah Powers is talking to you and her small class inside her studio, whereas Kripalu is narrated, giving a more distant feel. Sarah has a unique blend of Yin yoga, vinyasa yoga and meditation in this video. There are over 4 hours of practices that you can mix and match from the matrix provided. There are also preset programs ranging from 10 minute guided relaxation up to 1 hour vigorous vinyasa sequence. Buddhism and Chinese medicine are integrated into her approach. All levels. Very unique. Very healing feeling. Very close to the feeling you get from a real class.

Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond If you’ve never done Kundalini yoga, it’s really worth trying. It’s very different from what most people have experienced with yoga. So what is it? Well it’s multiple sequences of 2 opposing poses or sort of yoga in action at a pretty fast pace. An example is going from downward dog to upward dog many time in a row. There’s some strange breathing techniques. Let’s put it this way, whenever someone in my family sees me doing this video they say, “What the heck is that!” Visually you are watching Ana Brett perform these exercises in an ultra modern all white space on a non-traditional mat. Narrated by Ravi Singh. Up tempo music. If you want something different, try it. If you don’t like doing silly things, stick with traditional. I like rotating it in for variety. And the silliness factor can’t be beat. It makes you laugh at yourself! Two 25 minues sets. All levels.

Ashtanga Yoga the Primary Series I don’t use this one as often, because it is very mechanical and some of it is quite difficult. Richard Freeman presents the “primary series” of poses as taught by K. Patabhi Jois. Richard is amazing to watch. He is very athletic and unbelievably flexible. He instructs in the classical Ashtanga yoga which is “a precise union of breath, alignment, and flowing sequence of postures.” It give you a lot to aspire to, although my guess is most students of this video won’t come close to where this master is. If you want a challenge and/or precise instruction on yoga poses, this is a classic to own. 120 minutes.

Bonus Pilates Yoga Combo Videos and More

Crunch – Super SlimDown: Pilates Yoga Blend This is a fun, moderate workout to do when you want yoga, but you want something new or different. Yoga and pilates are combined nicely with upbeat music. The instructor Ellen Barrett leads a class of fit women of all shapes and sizes. She is very upbeat. This 42 minute program flies by. I like it a lot.

Mat Workout Based on the Work of J.H. Pilates Denise Austen can’t be beat for her positive, upbeat, and encouraging instruction. This pilates workout has a small amount of yoga in it. It has two 20 minute workouts. A lot of the work is on the “core” which is basically the tummy. Boy does this work your middle! This is great for if you don’t have a lot of time to work out. It’s not very aerobic but if you do this a few times a week you will definitely see a difference in your stomach muscles!

Hit the Spot – Pilates Also Denise Austen. This one has seven 10 minute segment pilates workouts that target different areas which you can mix and match for a customized workout. Three segments are abs related. There’s one segment each for: hips, thighs, buttocks. And the seventh segment is a combo of the three lower body areas. Again this is great because you can break up your workout throughout the day if you need to. And 10 minute segments make it seem so quick and easy. Great one to own.

Shiva Rea – Yoga Trance Dance This is something very different by yogini Shiva Rea. If you’ve been doing yoga for a while and want something new, try this. It combines traditional vinyasa yoga with yoga trance dance which is a very unstructured movement exercize of tribal like dance. You might feel a little silly at first, but it is cool. The music is great. The film location is beautiful (desert, white sands, different times of day) and the dancers are all very visually interesting. If you only like structure, then skip this one. But if you want to explore, give it a try. It’s cool. Also has a Matrix menu like her Yoga Shakti (above) where you can customize or choose from 6 preset programs from 28-41 minutes.

So there you have it. I hope you have an opportunity to check these out and enjoy them like I do.

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