A World Seeking Truth: Why Today is so Tumultuous & What You Can Do

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This is a tumultuous time in history, where the entire world is searching for real Truth. People are sick of the half truths, twisted truths and outright lies by authorities we are supposed to trust, that are supposed to be looking out for our best interest.

From govt officials, to gov’t agencies, to big pharma, to the chemical and petroleum industries, to the medical industry, to our cultural messages about what success is, to even our history lessons, heck even science….and so much more.

For too long many in these areas have to some degree or another:

– hidden truth

-twisted truth




GOVERNMENT and government agencies

are so infected by corporate money that policies are not made in the best interest “the people” – think deregulation of chemicals, the approvals of chemicals, the poisoning of water supplies….


(yes some medicines help people) but the majority of people’s ailments could be completely fixed with diet and lifestyle changes. I understand some people don’t want to change. That’s fine. But, the “Standard of Care” should also include diet, nutrition, supplementation, and alternative therapies all of which have their own scientific basis in efficacy. Currently a doctor can ONLY recommend the Standard of Care without risk of losing their license.

And then there is the dishonesty in pharma drug research, taking select people out of trials when they are not responding. Or not publishing trials where no efficacy is shown.


the money fighting against renewable energy options is horrible as well as the promotion of continuing this dead-end path of burning fossil fuels. Clean coal – likely a twisted truth – is still a dead end and is poisoning our environment, from the exhausts to the plastics. We need sustainable energy sources. A race of humans who put men on the moon can no doubt figure this out.


they are in everything and they are making us all sick. Beauty and household chemicals are approved so easily you wouldn’t believe it. The amount of damage from chemical is so staggering as to be almost quantifiable because there is no one who is not affected to act as a control group.


our culture, which stems from corporate consumerist marketing, would have you believe that you need lots of money, lots of things, lots of physical body perfection, the best schools, the highest ranking job, in order to be happy and successful. We eat that up. So many of us are so unhappy. Why? Because we are seeking something unattainable and missing out on what brings true happiness – quality connection with others, creative endeavors, meaningful service (what is now called work).


history is written by the victors which means that the conquested peoples’ stories are squashed. The atrocities they experienced are written over by disney stories or minimized/erased by the conquering group. The fallout from these things are felt for GENERATIONS! Think of slavery in our country – this is a wound that is still not healed at many levels. Yes we’ve made progress, but I think our politics today shows that it is still not healed. Native Americans – similarly still experience the fallout from being dominated instead working together fairly.


science is supposed to be the discipline of discover how our world works through exerimentation and observation, but even in this discipline we have many “scientists” who are actually religiously tied to old science when confronted with new scientific understandings. This has always happened.


And another area  of dishonesty….  people who commit crimes are not monsters. They are humans who somewhere along the way: they didn’t get what they needed, were abused, had very bad luck, were never taught empowering & life affirming lessons, maybe have mental illness and so on. I’m not saying that their crimes are right or any less horrific in some instances, but as humans deciding policies for other humans who made mistakes, we should be finding ways to TRULY help rehabilitate, foster forgiveness and redemption, and work to prevent this in the first place through the best education and social services we can provide.

Now What?

SOOOooooo what?

What to do?

For me, I am seeking Truth that is guided by the principles of Fairness, Love, Kindness, Justice, Forgiveness, Transparency (Honesty!)

The institutions and policies and cultures of the world will only change when the masses change their outlook and then demand change in how our world works.

So I guess everyone has to do their own thing. But, I do believe that if we are aware of these corruptions, injustices, and dishonesty in our systems, we have an obligation, a duty to tell others and to speak up and take action to bring about change.

Giving up is not a moral option. Nor is being apathetic. If we all act, change will happen. In fact it IS happening. Look at the increase in acceptance of LGBTQ community and the approval of gay marriage. People are Rejecting discrimination and Embracing others outside of their social/cultural/national groups. Yes, there are those that desperately want to stay in the old ways. But I see Big Hope abounding. 

I also believe that we need to not be so quick to accidentally throw the baby out with the bath water. We do need to question everything and investigate what motivations and intentions drive things and information. And although we should approach things skeptically, we shouldn’t be so quick to become cynical and mistrusting of everything. Every person, institution, and printed information has a belief system, agenda, motivation or intention behind it. That’s by default and it’s not always sinister. Just because someone is making money from selling something doesn’t mean the product is bad, but it doesn’t mean that it is good either. We must dig a little deeper these days.

It will be tumultuous for a while as we transition from the old ways of intolerance, hate, violence to respect for others, kindness, fairness, and so on.

For me I will try to communicate where I see dishonesty to bring awareness. I will speak to ask those in charge to make changes to help our world. I will organize with others to further influence and bring about change.

What Will You Do?

What things do you do to bring about positive change in the world? What are some ways that you think can help?

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