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Do you ever criticize yourself? That’s kind of a dumb question.

The better question is how much do you criticize yourself? I was at a store the other day and the cashier made an error ringing something in. It was no big deal, just a little typo. It was easily fixed. But I noticed she said out loud “I can’t do anything with these fat fingers,” and it instantly made me aware of all those little thoughts I/we say to ourselves all day.

It’s likely so prevalent, happening even just below our conscious thought that we barely notice it. You may notice it more when looking in a mirror though, when you are consciously reviewing your appearance.

The bottom line is that this is no way to live our lives. Our beauty is not our body. Our beauty is our love and our kindness. And regardless of our appearance in any given moment, we are deserving of the highest and most unconditional love all the time.

Here’s how to get that love, and how to really feel it in your life.

Take a Love Bath

This is not a bath of water, but it will be cleansing all the same. You’re going to wash away all of the negative self talk that streams through your mind each day.

The more often you take this bath, the cleaner your heart and mind will be, until you start radiating the true beauty that is inside you.

The beauty is there. It just happens to be covered up by our negative thinking.

Like washing windows in the spring, we are going to wipe away all the negative mindset grime that’s been keeping the light out and blocking our own light from shining forth.

How to Take a Love Bath

  1. Stand in front of a mirror.
  2. Look yourself in the eyes.
  3. Smile at your vulnerable self, your original self, your precious soul.
  4. Repeat “I love you  _________your name________.” (for several minutes)
  5. Optional: Have music on and dance, as they say, “like no one is watching.”

This is easy to write, but can be very hard to do.

But go easy on yourself. It took years of societal and family conditioning to get your mind habits where they are today.

Here’s 2 important things to remember:

  1. You Can Always Change Your Mind Habits- no matter your age or cirumstances.
  2. You decide your worth. So choose the highest worth. The only true reality is what is in your mind. You have the power. Start using it Today!

Turn off your inner critic. 

  • Yes, you’ve made mistakes, you have faults, but you also do great things. You work, you create, you love, you play, you care for others. Recognize all your goodness.
  • Yes, you may have love handles, but those beautiful cells in there are caring for you tirelessly 24/7. Give them some gratitude and love!!
  • Yes, you don’t look like Ken or Barbie, but you are beautiful in your uniqueness. No one is exactly like you. This makes you special beyond measure! Revel in that!

Focus on your good qualities. No matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, focus on your goodness.

Anytime you find yourself arguing with yourself, trying to prove your negative qualities or unworthiness, you are going to doggedly override those thoughts with “I love you _____your name____!!!” Over and over!

If you have a daily exercise routine, this is a great time to do this. Focus on your exercise progress, on the fact that you showed up, on how good you will feel afterwards, and so on.

If you can’t look in the mirror until you return from your workout that is fine. Say it all during your workout, especially when you start to judge yourself.

Do It Every Day

Be sure to take your Love Bath for at least 5 minutes or more each day.

Over time, you will become happier, more beautiful, more radiant, and more good will flow into your life! Guaranteed!

You deserve it!

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