Create Your Beautiful Life

Crochet Shawl Purple

All of life is creation. And your life is your creation. You create it every moment of every day with your thoughts. Like crocheting a shawl or creating anything you start with a vision, you maintain focus, and you do the work of creating.

Your life is no different. Do you want a different life?

Start with your vision. Change your vision, change what you think is possible, change your beliefs. You create your reality.

What do you want to be true?

How to Create Your Life

Define it. Envision it. Work on it with consistent mental focus.

Define it

What do you want to be true?

In each area of your life that you want to control, write down your wildest dreams.

It starts with a dream.

Envision It

What does your desired reality look like? See the movie. Be in the movie.

Engage and paint the picture for all the senses. Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste.

Who is there? Where are you? What is it like.

Write it all down.

It starts with a vision.

Mental Focus

What do you need to believe to make this come true?

What needs to be true about you, your mindset, your circumstances?

Create affirmations for these new beliefs and state them like they’ve already happened.

Adding “I am so thankful and grateful _____state your belief here_________” is a powerful way to add a power booster to your affirmations.

Show Up and Do the Work with Focus

Make a plan.

Do some of it each day.

Adjust when needed.

Be patient with progress. Slow and steady wins the race.

Celebrate your successes by acknowledging them at the end of each day.

Dream. Envison. Focus. Work. Celebrate.

You can do it!

Wishing you many blessings!

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Photos of Purple Crochet “Virus Shawl”

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