Find the Good, Find the Magical

In this life we find what we are looking for. There is enough good, bad, magical, and mundane to find exactly what you are looking for. So why not look for the good?

What you focus on determines your mood, the quality of your experiences, and the quality of your life. Our brains have a natural tendency to focus on negative things. This is a survival mechanism that’s left over from long ago, but for the most part we don’t need it today and we certainly overuse it.

Would you like to know how you can change your life for the better? See how easy it is to change your focus and make this happen.

Your New Car – Everywhere!

Did you ever notice that when you buy a new car, you start to see those types of cars everywhere. Are there more of your type of car suddenly? No. It’s just that your focus is now on that type of car so you tend to see it more. Or to be more precise, you are more aware of it.

Similarly, in your life if you want more goodness, more magical, more fun, look for these qualities and you will find them. They are already there, but we often miss them because we aren’t looking for them.

How to Focus on the Good

Each morning say to yourself, “there is so much good in the world. I will look for and find the good everywhere I look today.” Focus on that during the day. And then see what happens.

Now you may say, “well that’s cheating. There’s not really more good just because I’m looking for it. There’s still bad in this world.” That’s true. There’s still bad in the world. But it’s not “cheating” or unrealistic. It simply putting your mental focus on seeing the good before we see the bad, which is easy to see because it’s our habit and our biology.

Were not denying the bad. But we are acknowledging and giving credit to the good that is out there. And there is so much of it. We miss it all day long. But you can change  your focus, and in doing so change your life. You can make this a new empowering habit.

When you focus on looking for the good and the magical that will make all the difference in your day. When you find the good, recognize it and celebrate it, both in your mind and in your words. Say it out loud, mention it to friends.

When your focus is on the good you will be happier. When you are happier your body will be happier, which means it will be healthier. And when your body is healthier it stronger and better able to do the work of this world.

When you are happier, healthier and stronger you are able to put more good into this world and improve things that aren’t so great.

So not only will you be happier, but you’ll make the world a better place.

Are you ready to start today?

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