You Are Never Alone

happy little minion trillions

You are never alone.

You are always in the company of your little “trillions.”

Your “trillions” are the 70 or so trillion cells that make up your entire body. And they are not only your constant companions and loving best friends, but they can also deliver many great things to you. And all you have to do is ask.

Your Constant Companions: Your Trillions!

I imagine my little “trillions” like the little minions from the “Minions” movie: happy, bouncy, full of energy, and just waiting to serve me all day long.

The thing about your trillions is they love you! And they want you to be happy just like a child wants their parent to be happy. You are their parent of sorts. They look to you for love, joy, and leadership in life. And in return they offer service, happiness, and comfort if you look for it and are open to it.

Ask your little trillions for what you need: energy, happiness, good health, clear thinking, you name it.

Ask for it and they will give it to you.

How to Connect with Your Trillions

Close your eyes, go inside yourself, and see your trillions. Be with them and talk to them. You will see them giggling and bouncing around waiting for you to give them love and direction. Tell them your thoughts and feelings. Tell them what you need.

Hear their enthusiastic loving replies.

They are there to serve you and to love you.

You are never alone.

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