The Power of Your Mind – No, Really the Power of Your Mind

Focus the Mind

You have a problem. (How do I know this? We All have problems or at least we think we do!!!)

Let’s say your problem is your mood. You want to be happy, but you can’t get out of negative feelings – frustration, anger, sadness, etc. You wonder:

Is it lack of sleep? Bad food? My time of the month? Too much caffeine, right? That comment from my co-worker, spouse, friend, etc.?

No, no, no, no, and no.

These could have been triggers, but it’s not the reason why you’re in a pickle right now.

The reason is the habits of your mind. You can have the best of intentions and desires to change your mood (or attain whatever solution needed for your problem), but until you change your habit of mind, you just won’t get there.

But there is Great News! You can definitely overcome this! How? The power of your mind! Duh!

Truth of Reality

Before we get to the solution it’s important to know a little something about reality.

I’ve recently been reminded of some important truths about reality from the book “E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality Paperback” – by Pam Grout, which I highly recommend reading (or listening to via audible….both are at the link.)

Paraphrasing the teachings:

  • E=MC^2 which means engery=matter and matter=energy.
  • Matter is just potential energy. And all matter is totally energized and vibrating.
  • All energy, including you, are connected to the field of potentiality, which means if there is something you want, the potential for that exists.
  • Thoughts are energy.
  • Where you focus your energy/thoughts creates your reality. (“Every thought is a step in one direction or another.”)

This is true whether you believe it or not. I’m not trying to convince you of any of this today (read Pam’s book for that. It’s good!), but rather I’m offering you some insight on HOW to harness this truth to get what you want.

How? Using the focus of your mind.

Patterns of Your Mind

The mind is a creature of habit. The good news is you can change those habits to serve you better, but you’ll have to put in a little work up front and then do some regular maintenance ongoing. Why is that?

To keep this simple, your mind has established some very strong patterns over your lifetime. You’ve spent a lifetime thinking the way you do. So you will need to replace your current negative limiting thought patterns/habits each time they come up with the thoughts that will bring the good stuff into your life.

How to Use Your Mind to Manifest What You Want

If you have done any mindfulness or concentration meditations you’ll know the basics of how to use your mind to get what you want. Simply, you focus on what you want and keep bringing the mind back to that over and over.


1. You pick an intention. “I want ____________.”

Example: “I want to be happy and content and at peace. I want to be grounded in knowing that I am good enough. I am worthy of love. I always have enough time and my life at this moment is right where I should be. All speed bumps are lessons offered to me by the Universe.”

Example: “I want a new red car. Things will line up for me to have this car. I deserve it. I will take good care of it. I will enjoy it everyday. I can feel it.”

Example: “I want a good relationship. I have a good relationship. I love and respect him/her. And she/he loves and respects me. We find the good in each other. We refrain from judgments. We give love and always seek understanding instead of judging. We see the love in the way that it is shown, not in how we think it should be shown. We are happy.”

2. After you pick an intention, you focus on that all day. And as in meditation, when your mind wanders or tries to “sabotage” your intentions with ingrained negative patterns, notice those old patterns and then insert your intention again and again.

3. Bring all your senses to bear in your vision: how will you feel? what will it sound, smell, taste, feel and look like? what emotions and thought and experiences will you be having? The sharper and stronger your focus the more power it will have.

4. Keep bringing your mind back to your intention all day.

Pretty soon this will become your new thought habit.

And pretty soon you will see the fruits of your focus.

Common Problems and Solutions

Fixated on Past or Present Conditions or Events

You get a major fixation of wanting things to be different now or in the past. You get so attached to your anger over what has happened or is happening that you keep hating those circumstances over and over in your mind.

To fix this, remember that this itself is a thought habit/pattern. See this negative pattern for what it is. You are trying to change the past by being mad about it. That’s only going to perpetuate your situation and feelings.

You need to move on.

Again ask yourself what your goal is. Set your intention and focus on that instead. (Deep breathing while doing this is helpful.)

Forgetting to Think About Your Intention

To fix this try these:

  1. Do a 5-20 minute mediation just on your intention a couple times a day.
  2. Create physical reminders. A rubber band, a bracelet, notes in your office, car, bathroom, etc.
  3. Create electronic reminders. Set a few daily alarms to think about your intention. And then bring your intention back into focus.

It’s Not Working!

Watch your thoughts in between your intention focus.

Do you hear things like

  • “This won’t work.”
  • “This is stupid.”
  • “I bet this won’t work.”

Sometimes these thoughts are little whispers. Pay close attention to all your thoughts and make sure they are supporting your goal to manifest good things. If they are not, replace them with these types of thoughts:

  • “I am open to this working.”
  • “I believe this will work.”
  • “I have nothing to lose. I’m willing to put in the work of focusing on my dreams.”
  • “I’m willing to be patient as my intention brings me what I want.”

Not Exactly What I Wanted

When you’re not getting what you want ask yourself more specifically what you want and when you want it by. Sharpen your focus on what you want and when. Stick with it. Some things may take a little longer to manifest. That doesn’t mean they’re not coming though! Keep the faith and focus!

I’m Exhausted

Sometimes your body needs rest or nutrition or hydration in order to summon the energy needed to focus. Always take care of your energy needs first if you can. If you can’t get rest or sustenance right now, use the power of your mind to hold you over until you can get restoration. And then do that as soon as you can.

Get Started Right Now!

Where you focus your thoughts has great power!

Pick what you want. The world is your candy-store.

Focus your mind on what you want. (not on what you don’t want or like)

Keep bringing the mind back to this focus.

Stick with it until you realize your dream.

Remember, you have nothing to lose by trying!

Please Share!

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If you have a friend you think would benefit, please send this along to them.

Thank you! Wishing all your dreams to come true!

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