What to Do When Fear Creeps In On a Good Day

Good things are coming
I just learned this today. See if this rings a bell for you.

Ever have a day when things are suddenly going well in your life? The sun is shining. You’re meeting your goals. No technology road bumps. People are letting you go in traffic. The world is generally shining on you and you are riding that wave!

And then you do that thing.

You suddenly think “This is strange. I wonder when the other shoe will drop? When will stuff start going wrong – like it usually does?”

Guess what that is going to get you? Yup, a shoe dropping out of the sky right on your head – allowing you to say “Ah, there you are. I was expecting you.”

The bottom line is if you look for the shoe, you’re going to find the shoe.

There’s a better way to handle great moments in your life, a way that is much more empowering and which will manifest more of the good stuff that you’re experiencing.

How to Keep the Good Times Rolling

In the moment when you realize things are going well think, “This is great! So much good is coming my way today. And more good is coming after this. Good things continually come into my life.”


Good things continually come into my life.

Why This Works

Thoughts become things. It’s that simple. Thoughts are electrical impulses in your brain that can be measured. They have vibrations. They have energy. Your subconscious mind takes those thoughts and manifests them in your reality. The time to manifest may be long or short, and taking action towards what you want is important too, but if you think about the outcomes that you want instead of the outcomes that you fear, you will get better results.

Here’s an analogy to think about. Every day new flowers emerge. And every day some flowers die. Where your consciousness is focused determines your reality. Are you focused on the blooming flowers or are you missing out on those because you are so preoccupied with the fading flowers? Fun side fact: the plants are listening to your thoughts as well. (There’s actually been studies that prove this. Check out “The Secret Life of Plants: a Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man”)

When you focus on the blooming flowers, you will see, manifest, and experience more blooming flowers. When you focus on the good things in life and the good things you want the more you will see, manifest, and experience good things.

Important Note on Belief

Keep thinking about those good outcomes, but for maximum power, work to cultivate belief in them too. If you say, “Well, I can’t believe that.” Just try it. You really have nothing to lose. You were going to be thinking anyway. Might as well think and believe in those good outcomes! And of course, take action where you can!


Don’t think it strange when things go well for you. Think, “Ah, this is just what I ordered. Thank you Universe!”

So remember all day long to think about what you want, not what you fear. Expect the best! The outcome will be your choice.

You choose the quality of your experience every day with your thoughts. Choose well!

Power on!

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