Live in This Moment Right Now

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If you are human, you likely spend a lot of time worrying about the future. Not necessarily the far future, but the close future.

  • I have so many things to do.
  • How can I get them all done?
  • Will they all get done?

This happens constantly, so much so that you stop noticing it. The problem is this habit robs you. It robs you of energy and it robs you of bliss in this current moment. You’re not alone. This is a human habit.

But you can ease this burden. You can establish new habits that bring more light (and productivity) into your life.

Here’s the cure:

Live in this moment right now.
Plan your day realistically. ( write down your top 3 must-do things for today and be happy if you get all 3 done)
Work your plan. Do one thing now. Then do the next thing.
Don’t fret over your list-

  • will it get done?
  • will it be difficult?

Let these thoughts go. Instead be with what you are doing now… and watch how you may find a small smile arising! Don’t fight that smile!
Just do. Just do what you can right now.
Be present in each moment.
When stress anger frustration comes take a break to breathe and let go of clinging onto how you think things should be in that moment.
Know this instead:
Life is exactly as it “should” be right now.

How you perceive circumstances and what you do next is where you have choices.
Choose how you want to feel right now.

Instead of lamenting that things are not the way you want them right now, imagine what you DO want. Focus on that vision. Make a plan and work towards that. And all the while telling yourself “I will get there.”
Take one step. Then take another step. Pay attention to each step along the way.
Feel the bliss of truly being in each moment.

Allow yourself to know and accept that all is OK right now.

And all will be ok one moment from now.

And so on and so on.

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