The Answer to Almost All Relationship Problems

Just Be Kind

Your husband left the toothpaste cap off again. (and the toilet seat up, and…..)

Your boss is a raving lunatic.

Your child is having a tantrum. Again.

Your mother won’t stop telling you how to live your life.

Your father is distant.

Your friend always says the most insensitive things.

Someone just honked their horn at you in the parking lot for some unknown reason.

What to do?

Everyone’s Struggling with Something

Each person in this world has their challenges. You know some of their struggles and often there are more you don’t know about.

Each person also has their weaknesses.

  • A young child has energy and understanding limits.
  • Your husband has his own habits and priorities. And he loves you.
  • Your dad loves you but doesn’t know how to express it.
  • Your mother wants you to never have pain in your life.
  • Your friend believes in honesty. See what you can take from it.
  • Your boss may have emotional or mental disturbances that she struggles with. Her outbursts may be more disturbing to her than they are to you.
  • That stranger may have a serious health issue, or lost a loved one, or lost their job, or even just had a really bad night’s sleep. Or maybe all of the above.

In all cases, the answer is:

Just. Be. Kind.

Don’t be a doormat, but also don’t assume the role of victim.

Assume the position of comradeship with your fellow humans, that you are all in this life together, each with our own struggles.

When you address issues with your fellow humans, do it with the utmost kindness, as if you were giving it to yourself if you were in their situation.

Remove expectations. Give the kindness freely without requiring anything in return. It’s a gift to them. Your gift will come when you release judgment and expectation.

If you need rest before you can do that, then take a time-out to rejuvenate. Maybe it’s 10 minutes to close your eyes. Maybe you need a good night’s rest. Or maybe you need a full day to process and come back to the situation in a strong and compassionate state of mind.

Get your rest and come back with kindness.

How to interpret this? Listen to your inner guide, your highest self.

Just. Be. Kind.

Wishing you much kindness.

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