The Pebble Meditation

Here is a very calming visualization you can do as a meditation. Or you can use it to calm your mind when life gets too hectic. It’s the pebble meditation. I didn’t make it up, but here’s my version. I hope this brings you peace and healing in your life.

The Pebble Meditation

Imagine you are a pebble sitting along the shore of the river bed in the woods. You hear the sounds of nature.

You hear birds singing. Their sound is energizing and beautiful. It makes your soul sing.

You hear the wind blowing and rustling leaves. The light flittering sounds are delightful.

You hear squirrels and other animals rustling in the underbrush of the woods. You hear the very delicate sounds of a crab crawling by you on the wet sand.

The babbling river is a continuous backdrop. The lapping, splashing, gurgling sounds soothes you all day and all night. Your constant companion.

You take in the vibrant varied greens of the forest, the deep brown of the soil, the bright spots of colored flowers, yellows, purples, and pinks. You marvel at the dancing sparkles of light on the river surface. It’s magical, all the beauty.

Above, below and around you, the temperature is multilayered.  You feel the cool damp river sand beneath you and the warmth of the sun above you. The breeze blows a soft feeling tranquility on you. You feel lovingly warm and refreshingly cool all at the same time.

You smell the fragrance of the flowers, of the pines, and of the rich soil. They combine for a wonderful earthy and sweet smell. You enjoy this thoroughly.

And all is good. All is okay. No matter what is going on. When animals are squawking, if rain comes, even in heavy winds or thunder, you are always okay. Your essence is untouchable. Your spirit is forever.

Now you feel yourself being touched and lifted up by something warm and soft. You feel kindness and appreciation being directed towards you, and all at once you are launched, defying gravity for a short time. You are soaring through the air. It caresses you as you fly. You feel confident and strong.

You are calm and delighted. You enjoy this knowing that you are always okay, that you can never be destroyed. Transformed yes, always transforming, if ever so slightly and slowly.

You are enjoying this sail through the air. Ahhhhh. Nothing to fear, only pure delight.

You kerplunk into the river at the deepest section.

Suddenly sounds are muffled and all is oh so quiet, so soothingly quiet, as you swirl in spiraling circles to the river floor. You land gently with an easy slow motion bump sending a few grains of river sand up around you.

There on the river floor in the deepest part of the river, all is very calm. The water around you is refreshingly cool.

The movements of the water caress you gently. It is much different here than the surface of the water. It is very calm and stable.

You feel welcomed by the water. You feel at one with the water.

At all times you know you are okay.

You enjoy the tranquility of this environment. It feels loving, calming, and so restful.

At times, there may be a fish that swims by to investigate you.

There may be some river plants or microorganism that attach to you deriving some minerals from you.

And you are always okay. You know this and you are calm and serene.

You are here for a very long time as a pebble enjoying this time in your current manifestation.

And you are always okay. You are always good. You know that someday you may be down to just a bit of sand or maybe you’ll become a part of the river plants or part of a clam that eats you where you will enjoy your next manifestation.

And where you will always be okay.

Where you will always be good.

Where you will always be at peace.

Where you are part of the joy of the whole world.


How to Use This Meditation

You can either:

  • Record it and then listen to it with headphones.
  • Read through it and imagine this sequence in your mind with as few words as possible, but instead just “feeling” each part of the story as you become the pebble for a little while.

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Thank you for reading!


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