Sore Throat Remedy – A Natural Cure

Natural Sore Throat Remedy


I woke up with a bad sore throat yesterday morning. My doctor couldn’t fit me in yesterday. (I wanted to find out if it was strep) so I searched for a natural remedy. I found several different ideas which I combined into one “recipe.” Lo and behold it worked like a charm. My sore throat was gone by the end of the day. Here’s what I did:

Recipe: Natural Sore Throat Cure

Combine these 5 ingredients in blender. (Of course my recommendation is a Vitamix. Find out why I recommend the Vitamix over all other blenders.)

Once combined, gargle and drink this in small amounts over the course of the day. It smells horrid, but it actually doesn’t taste that bad especially if you like spicy food. It kinda tastes like a jambalya broth on steroids.

  • Water: 16 oz. warm/hot, not boiling  (not too hot because you will be gargling with it)
  • Apple Cider Vingegar: 1/4 Cup
  • Honey: 3 TBSP Raw  (regular honey will do or even agave nectar if that’s all you have)
  • Garlic: 1 clove
  • Cayenne Pepper: 3 shakes or 1/4  tsp

Blend completely. (Try not to smell it. It tastes much better than it smells.)

Gargle in the back of the throat and swallow to coat the entire throat. I also rinsed my teeth only (not my throat) with water afterwards to rinse the acid from the vinegar off.

Why This Remedy Works

Apple Cider Vinegar -according to Dr. Oz site, ACV (apple cider vinegar) most likely has anti-bacterial powers. The acid lowers the pH of your throat creating an environment on which bacteria can not grow. Lastly ACV has inulin which boosts your immune system by increasing white blood cells and T-cells. Wow!

Raw Honey – has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. As well, this ingredient makes the remedy bearable to drink!

Garlic – is both antibacterial and anti-viral. By processing it in the blender you release all the allinase which becomes allicin. This what gives garlic its super powers over bacteria and viruses. (Other cures had you chopping it up. I wanted to blend it so that it would totally coat my throat.)

Cayenne Pepper – even though it is spicy, it relieves pain as well as drawing blood to the area to hopefully bring your immune system fighters to the scene.

Water – water is the medium here in this recipe, but good hydration is always helpful to your health. Give your body what it needs to flush out the bad stuff it doesn’t need.

Important Information About Sore Throats

If you have a sore throat without any other cold symptoms (runny nose, sneezing, cough, etc) then you might have strep throat. (Other strep symptoms you may or may not experience: fever, nasea, rash).

Important: If you think you might have strep throat you should get tested by your doctor. It only takes 5 minutes to test and let you know.

Why: because strep throat can leave to Scarlet Fever and/or Rheumatic Fever which can seriously damage your heart. These are rare, but the stakes are high.

A person with a healthy immune system can overcome strep on their own, however everything I’ve read stresses the importance of treating strep with antibiotics to avoid these serious complications.

So the remedy listed here is for helping with non-strep throat situations. You can use this remedy in addition to antibiotics with your strep throat, but since I’m not a doctor, can’t diagnose you, nor give you medical advice, please also see your doctor.


Upon my first drink and gargle, I had immediate beginnings of relief. During the course of the day as I continued this therapy, it kept becoming less and less painful until by bedtime it was gone. I gargled a couple more times this morning just in case.

My doctor never called me back and my sore throat is now completely gone, so I never went to the doctor. Guessing it was just a little virus in my throat. All gone now!

I also took a couple of Coldeeze during the day too which likely also helped.

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