DIY T-Shirt into Wrap Skirt (No Sew) – 3 Styles!

DIY skirt beachwrap

Thanks to Ann of DoodlesAndJots.com for designing this infographic!


Got any of those ugly boxy t-shirts in your closet that you never wear? Well don’t throw it out yet! You can make it into a really cool (NO SEW) DIY wrap skirt in about 5-10 minutes!!! (Makes a great Beach Wrap!!) All you need is an large t-shirt and scissors! No sewing!! Here are the instructions:

DIY (No Sew) “Shirt to Skirt”


Here is the PDF with the instructions for all 3 styles:

Shirt to Skirt Instrux No Sew Instructions (pdf)

How to Shirt to Skirt DIY Project

Video on how to tie the wrap skirt is at the end of this post.

Here are some pictures of the progress:

Original T-Shirt to Become Skirt

T-shirt for DIY Crafting

Cutting T-Shirt Pictures

Cut Edge T-shirt

Cutting the top edges of the skirt for the wrap ties.


Cut T-shirt Wrap Ties

Cutting the wrap ties. Make sure to leave at least an inch at the “switchback.”


Cut Bottom Tshirt to Skirt

Cutting the bottom edge of the mini wrap skirt.


Wrap Tie Detail Tshirt skirt

Detail of “switchback” on the wrap ties. Leave at least an inch.


Cut off sleeves tshirt skirt

Cutting off the sleeves for the long or long fringe skirts.


cut bottom long skirt tshirt

Cutting the bottom edge for the long skirt or long fringe skirt.


cut bottom fringe tshirt skirt

Cut fringe to same length as the length of the cut-out sleeves. Fringe width is up to you. I did 1/4 inch width approx.


bottom skirt fringe tshirt

Detail of fringe completed.



DIY Shirt to Skirt Results

Long Fringe BeachWrap Skirt

shirt to skirt result diy no sew

Long Fringed Wrap Skirt from LifeLearningToday.com

Fringed Beach Wrap No Sew DIY project

Fringed Beach Wrap Skirt!


Long Wrap Skirt

Long Wrap Skirt 2

Long Wrap Skirt from LifeLearningToday.com

Long Skirt DIY

Mini Wrap Skirt / BeachWrap

Short Wrap Skirt 2

Mini Wrap Skirt from LifeLearningToday.com

DIY short skirt beachwrap

 Here are the PDF Instructions again:

Shirt to Skirt Instrux No Sew Instructions (pdf)

Shirt to Skirt Main Pic

Video: How to put on and tie your wrap skirt!

Be gentle with the ties. You don’t need to tie them tight, just tight enough to keep the skirt from falling down.

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Special Thanks to Ann of DoodlesAndJots.com for designing the infographic and taking the new outdoor photos. Visit Ann’s site to see her awesome art, illustrations, photography, ebooks, nature musings, children activity ideas , homeschool ideas, craft ideas, and so much more!!!

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