What to Do If You Don’t Feel Like Running

don't feel like running

Consider not running.

That may not be the answer you were looking for…or maybe it is! 🙂 Either way, if you are a regular runner and you feel yourself dreading your run each day, you may need a day or even a week break from running.

And here’s the good news: It will likely be good for you to take that break! Here’s why:


Like other areas in our life, in our running we can get into a mental rut. Maybe you engage in negative self talk during your run. Maybe your running has become just one more task you must complete on your to-do list. Taking a 1 day, 1 week or whatever length break you need can give you the mental space needed to reconnect with why you run in  the first place.

Pretty soon you’ll be reminiscing about running like an old lover that you want to return to. That’s when you’ll know it’s the right time to return. And when you do return remember to nourish your “relationship with running” just like you would nourish a real relationship. Appreciate what it give you, be grateful for it’s benefits, and find a way to enjoy it by being present during the run.


While you take a break from running use this time to alternately rest your body and explore other ways to move and challenge your body. You might try swimming, biking, tennis, weightlifting, basketball, gardening, hiking, interval training like PX90, or my favorite: belly dancing! Take a yoga class or an online dance class with BellyDance Super Star Ansuya!

Take the pressure off yourself about “I must run or else _____________ will happen:

  • get fat
  • lose my running legs
  • never run again
  • be in a bad mood
  • world will collapse

These will not happen.

Just decide, accept that you are not doomed if you take a day or even a week off.

Be a pioneer in your life instead. Discover other ways to move your body and your running will be enhanced! You won’t lose anything even if you don’t run for a week or two.

By challenging your body in new ways you just may find your running improves.

Mine did!

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