Mantras for Happiness, Confidence, and Self-Love


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Do you ever struggle with life’s daily challenges? Have you ever felt like you wish you could be happier? Well you truly can be happier and you can become empowered to handle challenges with ease. Mantras are the magic carpet ride that will get you there!

Breaking Bad Habits

I’ve been working on breaking a bad habit that snuck up on me over time. The habit has two parts.

  • First: Chronic self-criticism, to the point of not even realizing it anymore.
  • Second: Making setbacks and challenges much bigger than they really are.

With each difficulty I would think something like

  • “Why does this keep happening to me?”
  • “Why can I never win?”
  • “Why is everything always so difficult?”

These two habits served to make me quite tense and unhappy at times. And in the grand scheme of things, I have nothing to be unhappy about! Plus that’s not what I want. I want to be carefree, grateful and happy. Heck, I want to be downright joyful on a regular basis. That’s always been my true nature and I want it back!

I have everything I need in life. I am blessed with a great family and friends. I love my home,  my work, and my hobbies.  And now I want to fully feel that everyday. I want to enjoy the goodness of life and not spend it being annoyed at daily inconveniences.

This is a daily choice.

We just need the tools to do it.

Powerful Tool for Happiness: Mantras

So yesterday I wrote about being productive and enjoying life at the same time. I gave a bunch of ways to realize that goal. One way was using mantras.

Using mantras throughout your day is very powerful. They fill the space that used to be filled with negative thinking and self-criticism. They don’t change your external circumstances but they definitely DO change your Internal world. And that can change your life!!

I’m already seeing this happen with the use of mantras.

It’s amazing how they really do carry you like a magic carpet ride to where you want to be.

My brain is already inserting these new thoughts automatically. But wait! Practice is key and we must realize that we are a life-long work in progress. This means that from time to time we will need to renew our awareness of and our commitment to positive thinking.  Practicing with awareness helps.  Posting reminders helps too. At the end of the list is a Mantra Poster PDF you can download and print.

Mantras for Happiness, Confidence, and Self-Compassion

These may feel awkward, uncomfortable, or unauthentic at first. Your critical mind may say “This is silly” or dumb, stupid, pointless….doesn’t work, etc. This is just your bad habit talking. Just ignore it. It will quiet down.

In the beginning with Mantras it is important to “fake it ’til you make it.” So this means you say or think the mantra and summon up the attitude even if it feels “fake” at first.

But stick with it and it will stick with you!!

Here are some great mantras to start with. Write down the ones you like. Post them in your bedroom, kitchen, office or anywhere you need reminders.

Here they are in the form of flashcards you can cut out along with a page of blanks so you can write your own.


I can do this.
I am good at this.
I am good at ___________.
Good things will come from (this difficult task) (Name them)
I am good.
I am kind.
I am great.
I am wonderful.
I am beautiful. (You Are! Everyone is!!!)
I love myself.
It’s OK (your name). You’re doing your best and your best is good enough.
My best is wonderful.
I am winning.
Things are going my way.
Many things are going my way. (name them)
I am blessed. (name them)
Today is going to be a great day.
Good things are going to happen today.
Little challenges make me laugh because I know I always win in the end.
My life is good in many ways. (name them)
I am Loved.
I love life.
Life loves me.
I am blessed with so many good things.
I am so grateful for the basic abilities I have such as (walking, seeing, hearing, feeling love, hearing music, fill in more)
I am blessed with family and friends especially (name them).
(Name friend or family member) brings me joy in life.
Difficult people and circumstances are opportunities for me to learn, become strong, and develop compassion.
I feel confident.
Life is going my way.
I smile at life. Smile – let the world wonder what you are up to!
I love people. Smile at others – it’s the gift that gives back.
I see the good in others and myself even when they or I am cranky. Give compliments.This strengthens your ability to see the good in others and yourself.
I forgive easily. Do this. It teaches you how to forgive yourself.
I am kind. Be kind to others. It teaches you how to be kind to yourself.
I am patient. Be compassionate towards others. It will teach you to be compassionate to yourself.
People are generally good and trying their best.
Life is good.
The Difficult in my life provides constrast by which the Easy in my life becomes more clear. I am grateful for this lens.
Nothing is too difficult for me to handle.
I pace myself and always have the energy I need.
I take care of myself – getting good rest, kind thoughts, and healthy food.
I love myself with kind thoughts, compliments, and recognition of my good deeds.
I am good enough just the way I am.
I am wonderful just the way I am.
I deserve love just the way I am today.
I am lovable.
I have love, goodness, and kindness inside of me. I give this to others and to myself.
I spread love everywhere I go with kindness and a smile.
Every part of me is beautiful.
Every inch of my body is perfect and beautiful.
When I smile, I shine.
When I smile, I love.
When I smile, I love myself.
When I smile, I give energy to myself and others.
I have everything I need right now.
I am OK. I’m allowed to be calm and content at all times.
I feel love all around me everywhere I go.
The universe loves me. I can feel it.
When things get tough, I start laughing and being kind to myself and others.

And here is a my last but not least mantra, courtesy of Tyler Lenz on Twitter: @ttlenz:

“Today is the best day of my life.”

I think that one is my absolute favorite! Thanks Tyler!


Here’s a Poster of all the Mantras you can print: Mantra Poster

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