Wart Removal Duct Tape Method Part 2

Wart Removal Day 2

So here’s what the warts look like on day 2 of trying to remove them using the “Duct Tape Method.” I’m surprised at the results from just one day. This method is certainly looking promising. Continue reading for more details, pictures and video.

Wart Removal Method – Duct Tape and Freezing

If you recall from yesterday we are trying to remove 4 warts from my son’s hands. One of them is in the center of his palm. Even with washing his hand it has been challenging to keep the duct tape and band-aid on. So although I think we could still make the duct tape method work, we’ve decided to try a different method with this one.

We are going to try freezing it off using Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. It’s very simple and easy to use so we did that yesterday. We’ll be able to compare the results between the two methods.

Wart Removal Results

Here’s how the warts look today on day 2:

Wart Removal Day 2 a

This one on the palm is the one we treated with Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away. It has darkened a bit which is to be expected. It will be interesting to see how they freezing works vs. the duct tape.

This next one on the pointer finger shrunk so much already it’s hard to see it:

Wart Removal Day 2 b

Wart Removal Video

Here’s a video of the results for day 2:

Stay tuned for more results. We’ll be reporting the next update, Part 3, soon.

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