How to Stop Slicing the Ball in Golf

Ok, we’re on a golf roll here. Yesterday my dad taught us all how to improve our golf game with the perfect swing.

Today he’s going to teach us how to eliminate slicing the ball once and for all.

It’s all in the grip.

“Strong Grip” – The Golf Grip to Eliminate Slicing

(This is demonstrated with a person who is right handed. For Lefties, just reverse everything.)

Traditional Golf Grip

Here is a picture of the Traditional Golf Grip.  The V’s where the thumb connects to the hand are lined up together down the club towards the ball.

The Strong Golf Grip

Here’s a picture of the Strong Golf Grip. The left hand is in the same position as the traditional grip, but the right hand is turned out. The four fingers grip the club strongly but without tension. The finger of the right hand are in line with the V of the left hand.

By using the Strong Grip, it will keep the face of the club from opening up during your swing.

The “Tight Grip” Instructional Video

Here is a very short video demonstrating this grip.

Don’t be afraid to try the Strong Grip. You’ll hear golf announcers saying that the Strong Grip is bad. This is not true. It completely changed my dad’s game. Try it and see for yourself. And let us know what you think!

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