Application of Impossible Things – Book Review

I recently read one of the most incredible books I’ve ever come across. It’s called “Application of Impossible Things” by Natalie Sudman. It tells the amazing story of Natalie’s near-death-experience while working as a civilian in Iraq. I highly recommend this book because I think it has the power to change how you view life for the better. It has really opened my mind up to the rich continuum of life that doesn’t end with physical death.  If you’ve ever been curious about the after-life, please read on. And if you’d like to experience more peace in your own current life, please read on!

Near Death Experience in Iraq

I discovered Natalie Sudman’s story on NDERF.org. After reading a little bit about her story there, I immediately bought her book, “Application of Impossible Things.” In it, Natalie relays her incredible story of what happened when she and her convoy were struck by a road side bomb in Iraq. She left her body and had an amazing spiritual experience.

Near-death-experiences are often difficult to describe because what happens beyond the physical realm often there are corresponding words to accurately describe those experiences. Natalie, however, uses words deftly. Her precise descriptions deliver you right into her story. You get to experience right along with Natalie, the sensations she experienced.

Why You Should Read This Book

This is a slim volume, (120 pages) but it is very full of revealing and inspiring information. This is what I liked and what came away with after reading her book:

  1. Life is a continuum. We may or may not have been here before and we may or may not be back after this physical life is over. But we certainly did exist before our life on earth and will continue to live afterwards.
  2. Heaven (my term) is all about creating, exploring, expanding our consciousness (not sure how to describe that), experiencing truly unconditional love, and enjoying it all.
  3. Physical Life is all about the same things as heaven. It’s a continuum! We continue our work, our creating, our love, and our joy – where ever we are, whether physical or spiritual. One of our greatest purposes is simply to enjoy our life! How liberating is that!!
  4. Heaven is not boring!! It’s beyond our comprehension because we are experiencing life through our physical body which acts like a filter. We can’t see, hear, taste, feel, etc things in their pure form. Once we are released from our physical body, the kaleidoscope of experiences begin.
  5. All is good. Even bad things are good. You must read the book to get the full explanation on this, but the bottom line is that everything that happens, even bad things are not only ok, but good because of the learning that we receive from them. This can be tough to wrap our minds around, but when you consider the entire continuum of our existence it starts to make sense. And opening to this idea, I believe, is quite liberating. It gives us the permission to release bad experiences. We don’t have to hold onto them in a negative light.
  6. You are the co-creator of your experiences, both here and beyond the physical life. You have more control over your experience than you realize. Your heaven may be very different from mine. It will be what you want
  7. We are unique individuals AND at the same time we are all part of one source. This may seem contradictory. It is. Which leads to #8:
  8. Contradictions are all correct. The answer can be both yes and no. Again, this is hard to wrap our minds around, but Natalie does an amazing job of scratching that surface enough that we can start to get a twinkling of how that could be true.
  9. We have guides or angels, whatever name you want to give them, who do watch out for us. We can call upon them to help us. Our openness to them can help us.
  10. No religion required and at the same time no religion excluded. This is my own observation. I am Christian, but I am very liberal in my beliefs. Her experience doesn’t seem to limit anyone’s belief system. I see it as an add-on. For instance, Jesus is the son of God, but so are we all, in our own way. We all come from the same source.
  11. No Gurus. Natalie doesn’t prescribe any religion in particular. In fact she says, “Don’t follow me. Don’t trust me. Trust your own experience.” I like that!

I felt so joyful after reading this book. I truly feel like “Life is Good” after reading this book. In fact, it’s more than good. It’s unbelievably awesome!

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