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How often have you wondered “Why am I not getting the thing I want?” Perhaps it is a promotion at work, or maybe you want to find a fulfilling life partner. Or it could be you simply would like to encounter more friendly people in your day. Whatever it is that you are searching for, this little tip may help you. You need to be receptive and open to actually receive it. Think about it. You can’t catch a ball if your glove is closed, right? If that makes you think “Aha! I never thought of that,” then read on for tips on how to open up so you can “catch” that “ball” you are seeking.

What Does It Mean to Be Open?

Simply put, being open means that you expect to get what you want. This is your mindset. In terms of getting what you want, it is just as important to believe you will get what you want as it is to take the actions to get it. If your mind and heart are closed to receiving then you will not get what you want even when it is within reach.

Let’s take the example of wanting good customer service. If you expect good service, how will you approach those situations? You may smile. You’ll speak politely. You’ll show patience. You will take the social risk of doing these things because you believe that you will receive good service. The person serving you will pick up on this and will be likely to give you better service than if your belief was a negative one. If you believed you would get bad service, you would probably show signs of anger, impatience, and frustration. The person serving you will likely respond with poor service.

No matter how subtle, what we believe affects how we approach challenges, it affects how people treat us, and ultimately it affects what we receive. Believing that good things are coming our way gives us the energy to keep trying. Being truly open to receive can facilitate wonderful changes in your life.

Of course you also need to take actions to facilitate getting what you want. These are the things that will get the ball to be thrown your way.

What Can I Do to Be More Open?

1. Know what you truly WANT. I have known many people who were really upset because they didn’t have what they wanted. When I asked them what they wanted, their answer was vague. So their results were vague. Be precise and focused in your mind so the results will be the same. For example:

VAGUE DESIRE: I want to get ahead at work.

PRECISE DESIRE: I want to be promoted to (specific job title.)

2. Know what YOU truly want. Simply put, make sure what you seek is what YOU really want and not what you think you should be going after. Really think about this one. Are you chasing what will make your parents happy, friends happy, society happy, or what will make YOU happy?

3. Believe you deserve it. Meditate on this. Is there something that is keeping you from believing this? Explore that so you can address those undercurrents of doubt that you may not even be aware of. Finally build up the strength of your belief by listing out the reasons why you do deserve it.

4. Believe you will get it. Take a few minutes 3 times a day to open your mind. Remove doubt. Remove fear of failing. You won’t lose anything if you believe. Fill your mind with visions of getting what you want. Feel it. Expect it. Don’t be in a rush for it. Know that it will come when the time is right. And smile. Smiling is your body’s way of telling your mind, “Yes, I do believe.”

5. Work to get it. Establish the steps you must take to achieve your goal. Ask yourself the right questions. Ask yourself questions like “What do I need to do to get X?” instead of asking yourself limiting questions like “Why do I never get X?” Write down the steps and take action on them. You can do it!

6. Be happy where you are today. Look for the good in your life. I know it is cliche, but how often do you stop to do it? So do it now. Count your blessings. Especially all the little small things in your life that are so often taken for granted.

Wishing that your most important dreams come true!

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