Maybe God is Trying to Tell You Something

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I love the song, “Maybe God is Trying to Tell You Somethin’,'” from the Color Purple soundtrack.  It is a very passionate and moving gospel song. Every once in a while, something happens in my life where I can hear a message from God. It’s not always earth shattering, but even when it is a simple message it is still a delightful intermission from my usual mundane thought patterns. Hopefully this story will spark your interest to  adjust the dial on your “tuner” in order to hear the messages you may be receiving right now.

I got a cold recently. The worst part was that it made me so tired. So tired, in fact, that I had to take a nap nearly each day. I never take naps so this means my body was really tired. After 5 days I thought it was gone and so I resumed my normal routine.

The following day the cold came back the next day. Arg. That was frustrating. This cycle of feeling better and then relapsing kept happening. Finally after the 3rd time it came back, I sensed there was a message and also some “assistance” from God. The message was “slow down” and the “assistance” was that I was finally able to sleep normally again after about a month of quasi-insomnia.

My insomnia was caused by worrying too much about, well, everything. Work, family, health, etc.  I would wake up at 2am and worry for 3 hours while wishing I could go back to sleep. The problem was that a habit had formed and I was getting better and better at worrying, a skill which serves no one well. The kicker was that I really didn’t have anything to be worried about. I was worried about possible problems. Not very productive!

By having this cold and a bonus case of poison ivy too, God effectively removed my ability to worry in the middle of the night. I was too tired at night and too itchy when awake to think of anything else. The worry habit was interrupted which is all I needed to kick the habit!

The situation of repeatedly healing and relapsing is similar to training a dog to do something  You must repeat the training over and over again. For a while the dog doesn’t get it. But as the training continues, at last, the dog finally understands the message and then they learn the lesson. Once the lesson is learned it is important to be reminded of the lesson and to practice it.

Each time I felt better, I was like my dogs. I wanted to go back to my normal routine, doing too much and not taking care of myself, but everytime I did God gave me a “correction” to convey his message of “slow down and stop worrying.”

Now you could say “All you had was a cold, there’s no ‘message from God’ there.” Maybe you’re right. But, here’s the thing, I find that when I finally “tune in” and listen to these little messages, which for me are usually “slow down,” and “stop worrying,” my life definitely improves.

I think it is God. I still have many questions and doubts about God, but for me I can’t dismiss the idea of God simply because my senses are not keen enough to perceive God in the way I think he should be perceived. Or maybe we are perceiving God all the time in the form of witnessing the amazing abundance of life on earth, but, like dogs in training, we are missing the obvious. We don’t see how life IS a manifestation of God.

In slowing down I had the opportunity to read a neat book that helped open my imagination up to the possibilities of what God and heaven really are. I recommend checking out “Life After Death” by Deepak Chopra. In the recent past when explaining heaven and God to my son with the explanation that they are “up there” in the sky, I found myself having difficulty imagining where that really is and what that’s really like. In “Life After Death” Chopra paints a picture that is more expansive, vivid, and believable than I have been able to conceive on my own.

So what about you? Have you experienced something recently that may have held a message for you? Please share your story with us. Perhaps telling your story will help someone. Or maybe telling your story will be like a key unlocking a message that you can  finally receive. Either way, thank you for reading and for sharing! May you hear the messages the universe is sending you, and may it bring you peace and joy!

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