Frazzled? Get Your Life Together with “Simply Put Together”

Simply Put Together

Does your life feel scattered? Is your desk swimming in post-it notes and to-do lists? Do you find difficulty coordinating your schedule, your family’s schedule and work’s schedule? Do you have goals that you never get to? Are there old friends you never get around to calling? Would you love to live a simpler life, but have a tough time finding time to make that happen?

If you can relate to any of these issues then I have a super recommendation for you. It is a self-help book/planner/organizer called “Simply Put Together” written by Maria Murphy.

It has many features which I will describe below, but when you boil it all down the big-bang benefits you’ll realize by using “Simply Put Together” are:

  • Simpler Life
  • Organized Life
  • De-Cluttered Mind – Less Stress
  • Realized Dreams and Goals – finally!
  • Career Progress
  • More Time Spent on What’s Really Important to You! -Family, Favorite Activities/Hobbies,  and Pursuing Your Dreams!

Here’s what you will find in this amazing guide and tool.

Simply Put Together” is very unique. It is a combination self-help guide, planner, and organizer for all aspects of your life all in one place. I’ll give you a little overview of each section.

Self-Help Guide

Maria is a fantastic writer with a 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach, and corporate consultant. She has helped many people over the years. Her valuable experience helping others has led her to develop her success concepts called “7 Steps to Simplicity.” These concepts are brought to life at the beginning of each month in the planner. What’s even more useful is that they are integrated into the weekly planner so that you can make them happen in your life on a daily basis. This is one self-help book that you won’t read and forget. It will stay with you all year long.

Her guidance is designed for our busy lives in that it is concise but power-packed with usability. She guides us on:

  • How to live simpler lives.
  • How to manage our to-do lists.
  • How to plan out and reach our goals.
  • Finding time for the people and activities that are most important to us.

Each month has a fresh take on her “7 Steps to Simplicity” which will open your mind to how you can create a better life in an ongoing way all year long. These prompts are sure to make a positive difference in how you live your life.

Simply Put Together Self Help Planner Organizer


Simply Put Together” has a full 2009 calendar planning broken down for Monthly, Weekly and Daily planning. The monthly calendar allows you to see the big picture and it includes reminders of that particular month’s guide to simplicity. Each month has different prompts for simplicity that will add massive value to your life!

The weekly and daily planning section includes both a place for scheduling appointments and tasks, but also a section for making the one of the 7 Simplicity Steps come to life that day. This is called “Journaling with Intention-Quick Look.” There is a different helpful prompt for each day so you don’t have to remember each step. It’s all done for you!

There’s also sections for notes, important reference information for that month, and a weekly inspiring quote.

Simply Put Together Weekly Planner

Goal Tender

This section allows you to specify goals and the elements that will help you reach them. It includes determining what you really want, identifying supportive people, creating supportive affirmations, and outlining the path you will take. Again the big benefit of this is the fact that you have these written down in the same place where you go to organize your life every day. It makes it so you can’t forget or ignore your goals. It facilitates you reaching your goals!


In one centralized place you also have a section for Contacts, Special Projects, Birthdays & Anniversaries, and a Daily Organizer for both Home and Office. The Daily Organizer section is a powerful tool for organizing your tasks.

  • The Home Organizer is broken down into Chores, Contacts, Wellness, Errands, and Other.
  • The Office Organizer is broken down into Ongoing Tasks, Contacts, Monster List, Push It (Career Progress), and Other.

Maria suggests a great strategy for managing all your tasks by assigning them to certain days of the week. This makes forgetting tasks less likely as once you have a routine in place it will become automatic.

The Bottom Line

If you want to get organized, reach your goals, reduce stress, and free up more time for the people and things that are most important to you, then check out this awesome tool, “Simply Put Together.” It also makes a great Christmas gift.

Simply Put Together” comes in two sizes: Large (9″ x 12″) and Small (6″ x 8″) and also an electronic version (9″ x 12″) which allows you to print out only the pages you want at any given time.

Additional Resources

If Maria’s name sounds familiar you probably saw a couple of her guest posts here on Life Learning Today in the past! Check them out:


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