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We have a new president in America! His name is Barack Obama. Life Learning Today is not a political blog, but I think with the election completed we have 2 opportunities before us. One is to study Obama’s example of success and implement what we learn to reach our personal dreams. The second opportunity is, regardless of party affiliation or even nationality, to be a part of making our world a better place along with and under Obama’s leadership.

Whether you supported him or not, I believe that most of us can agree that Barack Obama shines as an example of how anyone can achieve success by combining a positive vision, smart planning, and hard work.

How does this relate to you and improving your life?

First, when pursuing your personal goals, incorporate the same elements President-Elect Barack Obama used to achieve his success. Secondly, when you contribute your energy towards making the world a better place, everyone benefits!

Barack Obama’s Success Elements

1. Have a Clear Vision. Know where you want to go. Ask yourself “what do I REALLY want?”

2. Know Your Motivation. Write down your goals and your motivations so when you hit rough patches you can reconnect with the energy to keep going.

3. Have a Strategic Plan. Get your plan in writing. Keep it simple. Only fill in as much detail as you need today. As you move along in your plan keep updating your action steps as needed.

4. Enlist the Help of Others. Don’t go it alone in motivation, strategy, or implementation of your plan. Find mentors. Seek out people who have done what you want to do. Contact them even if you don’t know them. It doesn’t hurt to try. Outsource things you’re not good at. Make it win-win and watch how people line up to help you.

5. Don’t Get Bogged Down. Keep moving past setbacks. Ignore detractors. Let the unimportant things slide. Plan to get your most important action steps done each day.

6. Enjoy the Journey. Smiles, laughter, and enjoyment will give you the energy needed to carry you through a long journey.

7. Be Confident Enough to Rise Above Your Fears. Don’t be afraid to tackle new challenges. Just do it! You can do it!

8. Be Humble Enough to Learn. Always assume that you have more to learn. Ask yourself “What did I learn today?” especially when things go wrong.

9. Take the High Ground. Be a positive person. Find the good in others. Look for common ground with your opponents. Seek creative solutions when faced with frustrating circumstances.

10. Never Give Up. When things get tough, keep moving forward. When you are tired, rest. Always believe in yourself. If you must, “fake it ’til you make it!” Remember “Yes, You Can!”

The Opportunity to Make Our World a Better Place

There is a challenge before all of us now that Barack Obama has won the presidency. This includes Obama supporters, McCain supporters and everyone else. By working to make our world a better place we all benefit and so will our children and future generations.

For Obama Supporters

Now is the time to keep the momentum going. We need to continue to do volunteer work on projects that will make our country and our world a better place. What issue is most important to you? How will you get involved?

I believe it is also time to reach out in peace and kindness to our friends, co-workers and neighbors who may have supported McCain and find common ground that we can work on together towards making our country better. Who could you reach out to? How would you do it? How can we be inclusive of others’ ideas especially on difficult issues?

For McCain Supporters

I believe that whenever there is disappointment in our lives that there is one of two paths can be taken: bitterness or positive action. A dream we all share in America and throughout the world is to create a better world, a better life for ourselves and our families.

If we focus on our common goals instead of disappointment and differences, then we have a starting place upon which to build. What issues are important to you? How can you get involved in those issues to make a difference in moving our country forward? How can we find common ground on tough issues?

If we ask the right questions, we’ll get productive answers. (Example: How can we make this work?) If we ask negative questions we forfeit progress. (Example: Why did this happen? How can we derail the other party?)

God Bless America and Our World

My goal here is to inspire all of us to come together, to have compassion for each other, and to work together on improving our world. Let us all be kind and patient with each other instead of divisive and judgmental.

Let us all seek common ground and compromise for the greater good. Staunch idealism helps no one. Let’s be flexible in order to make progress. Small amounts of progress daily add up to great improvements over time! Yes, we can!

Wishing everyone a peace-filled life, inspiration to do great things, and the resources and love to accomplish your goals!

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