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Do you find yourself constantly frustrated about money? Do you find that no matter how much money you have, you always seem to just be making ends meet? If you can relate to these statements then you may benefit from reading the book called “When Money Talks, Listen!” by Rich Ezzo.

What follows is an interview with the author about his inspiration for writing this book and why he thinks he can help YOU and your money issues.

This was a very sweet story! Sorry to be cliche, Rich, but I laughed, I cried, and I learned! What was your inspiration to write this story? Any biographical elements? 🙂

Kris, let me begin by saying thank you for asking to do this interview. Also, there is no need to apologize for the ‘cliché”. Hearing that you “laughed, cried, and learned” from my book is about the best review you could give me.

I did have a real life inspiration for writing this story; kudos to your instincts. I had left my job because I no longer felt fulfilled, and many months passed while I searched for something different. Naturally I began to get concerned about money as time passed and I had no income coming in. I began to wonder what it is about money that makes us so stressed, and why it has such a hold on us. I have always enjoyed writing, so one day I had an idea that I could try and create a fictional character that might be able to answer some of these questions for me. So, I named him Myster (Mr.) Money.

Who was the audience you had in mind when writing this book?

Because I decided to create this character to answer my questions, the original audience I had in mind was me! Ha ha. However, once it was completed and I let some family and friends read it, it seemed that the principles and story would apply to most any demographic. However, I’d say it’s most beneficial to those who find that money has always been a challenge in their lives. Some people can attract abundance easily into their lives, and probably wouldn’t need to read this.

Why did you decide to use a story for teaching these financial principals?

I have always believed that stories, fables, and parables are great ways to teach. They use examples well, and provide entertainment so that the mind forgets it’s being taught, and thus doesn’t resist so much. Also, as I writer I have noticed that when I am writing a story, if I let myself get out of the way it will begin to write itself. This is when a deeper wisdom can take over and offer better insights. So I was writing to learn.

How do you think people will benefit from reading your book?

It’s my hope that people will benefit most from this book by improving their relationship with money. Perhaps changing their perception of what money is, and its purpose. One of the 5 lessons that Myster Money teaches is to notice the gifts that are left behind when money leaves your possession. I think this is a good habit to be in.

I like the idea of giving money away, knowing that it will come back to you. Any personal stories in this regard?

Sometimes children are our best teachers. I remember the first time I was taught this principal, and it was from my 8 yr. old nephew. His family came to my parent’s house for dinner. My Father (his Grandfather) found $2 in his coat pocket, and turned and gave it to my nephew. My nephew said, “Wow. Today I had a dollar and put it in the church basket. And now God paid me back… double!” I’ve since experienced this numbers of times in my life, but think that says it best.

Did you ever have a guy like Scratch in your life?

Scratch does not represent one person in my life, but several. While I didn’t create him with anyone in mind, I can now read the story and see pieces of my father, grandfather and a few other notable mentors. There is even a mention in the book to his cologne smelling like my grandfathers. To me that is always a nice memory.

For someone attempting a makeover in their financial life, what is the best advice you can offer them?

Find a way to break the “craving need” for money. Like many things in life, we can want something too much, and thus push it away. Think back to a person or a job you wanted that you ever pushed away by this method. Money is the same. I was recently told a story by someone I met who said the best lesson he ever learned about money was from his father. He told him that whenever you can least afford it, take a $100 bill and burn it! Then, one day when he was down and out, he got his hundred dollar bill, rolled it up, and smoked it! Ha.ha…He said he never had an issue with money again. I love the lesson, but I think it’s probably even better to give that money away to someone else.

Myster Money mentions in the book that money is here to serve “us”. However, we treat it the opposite, as though we are unworthy and somehow have to convince it otherwise. I portrayed Myster Money as a generous, wise old man….give money this characteristic, and watch what happens!

Thanks, Rich!

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get a copy of this ebook, head on over to MysterMoney.com.

When Money Talks, Listen!

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