3 Tips to Redesign and Upgrade Your WordPress Blog

A couple months ago I redesigned and upgraded my WordPress blog and I’m so glad I did. I’ll tell you all about the benefits I received from my redesign and I’ll also tell you how I did it so that if you are going through the same process you can benefit from what I learned.

Benefits of a WordPress Blog Redesign

These are the improvements I’ve attained from my redesign:

1. More Functional Layout

Makes it easier for readers to find the best stuff on Life Learning Today.

How to Do It Yourself: Purchase a premium WordPress theme from Solostream. There are several highly functional and elegant themes to choose from. I use WP-Glory. The pricing is very reasonable and the support alone is worth the cost. Customizing is a breeze with these themes. If you’re looking to redesign your WordPress blog, do yourself a huge favor and consider a theme from Solostream! You will not be disappointed like you might be if you spend a lot of time installing free theme and then find that it’s hard to get support when you need it.

What’s Great About Solostream WordPress Themes:

  • Dedicated support site with online video tutorials for customizing your theme.
  • Highly responsive email support.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Very functional design.
  • Visually pleasing design.

2. Better Handling of Site Traffic

I can now handle a larger amount of visitors at any given time. I can handle a Digg load of thousands of visitors with no problem. Why? Because my new web host, Media Temple, has a technology for web hosting called Grid Service, where multiple servers work in tandem to be able to handle massive spikes in volume. Truly brilliant. Customer support is excellent too. They also have One-Click Install for WordPress!

How to Get Better Web Hosting: Sign up with Media Temple and please tell them that Life Learning Today sent you! Thanks!

PS: You can even manage your Media Temple web hosting from your iphone. Pretty cool:

3. Professional Help Upgrading WordPress

Chris Cree of Success Creations helped me with my overall blog redesign. He was the single most important factor in the success of this process. I am so grateful to him and I recommend his services to anyone considering adding a WordPress blog, upgrading a WordPress blog, switching web hosts or any other WordPress support you might need. And his prices are very fair and reasonable.

Here’s what Chris did for me:

  • Upgraded to the latest version of WordPress.
  • Moved my blog from my old web host to my new web host, Media Temple.
  • Installed my new WordPress theme.
  • Provided guidance on choosing a WordPress theme that would be compatible, easy to use, and would look good.
  • Overall expert consultation on the process of upgrading and redesigning my blog.

How to Get Professional Help with WordPress: Call or email Chris Cree. Visit his website, Success Creeations, to learn more about him. I wanted to get this done for a long time and by employing Chris’s help it was easy! Thanks Chris!!

If you have any questions on any part of my WordPress blog upgrade or redesign, please leave a comment below or contact me via email.

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