The How of Happiness

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Which of these things, do you think would make you happier:

  • A relationship?
  • More flexibility at work?
  • A new job?
  • An extra bedroom?
  • A more attentive spouse?
  • A baby?
  • Looking younger?
  • Pain relief?
  • Losing weight?
  • More money?
  • More time?

You might be surprised to learn that these things have only a small impact on our happiness. In our search, “we overlook the true sources of personal happiness.” So begins “The How of Happiness” by Sonja Lyubomirsky.

“The How of Happiness: A Scientific Approach to Getting the Life You Want” by Sonja Lyubomirsky is a fantastic new book which gives you three important categories of information relating to happiness. First it gives you the scientific facts about happiness which states that 40% of your happiness is totally within your control. The second part of the book, which is the real meat and, I think, the greatest value, gives a wealth of advice on how to be happy, maximizing that 40% which is in your control. The last part of the book discusses maintaining lifelong happiness and a brief discussion about what to do if you suffer from depression.

Part One: The Science – “How to Attain Real and Lasting Happiness”

The How of Happiness” discusses how and why you are happy including your

  • Genetic Setpoint – responsible for 50% of your happiness
  • Life Circumstances -responsible for 10% of your happiness
  • Intentional Activity – responsible for 40% of your happiness

Ms. Lyubomirsky does a good job with presenting this information. There are interesting case studies to demonstrate the scientific findings. Where I got really excited was in the middle of the book and let me tell you why.

Part Two: The Instruction Manual – “Happiness Activities”

I liked this part of the book the best partly because that’s what I personally like to focus on: taking action. I am personally a big believer in analyzing happiness only enough to figure out what to do next to make life fun. Too much analysis = paralysis = more unhappiness.

The “Happiness Activities” cover these areas:

  • Practicing Gratitude and Positive Thinking
  • Investing in Social Connections
  • Managing Stress, Hardship, and Trauma
  • Living in the Present
  • Committing to Your Goals
  • Taking Care of Your Body and Soul

In all there are 12 “Happiness Activities” presented within those areas. And this is the other reason why I like this book so much. Each activity is fully fleshed out with in-depth instructions, references to happiness studies, anecdotal stories and more. The information contained in this book is at once highly usable, interesting, and valuable.

Part Three: Maintaining Lifelong Happiness – “Secrets to Abiding Happiness”

This section covers the “Five Hows” of maintaining happiness for your whole life. In it, the author discusses the 12 happiness activities from a macro level, examining them as they relate to each other and how you might combine them. There is also guidance on how to stick with the activities as a lifelong commitment. And lastly, a postscript on depression discusses the causes and most effective treatments for this disease.

The Bottom Line – My Recommendation

Could you find all this information on the web for free? Perhaps some, but not all in one convenient place, nicely organized together in such a useful format. I definitely recommend this book. Check it out at your local library or you can purchase it at Amazon by clicking on this link: “The How of Happiness

Additional Resource

Thanks for reading and here’s to your happiness!

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