It Feels Good

Baby It's Cold Outside

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Life Learning Today programming to bring you a little winter reverie.

I went for a walk today. Cold winter air was biting my cheeks, watering my eyes, and taking my breath away. But I was loving it. You see, that cold crisp air was delivering a steady stream of fond cold weather memories. I’ll share a few fleeting glimpses with you today. I hope it spurs you daydream about your most cherished winter memories the next time you take a step out into the cold.

Cold Air Memories

sledding…running like crazy to be the first one down the hill at the golf course on a snow day when I was 10. And then running back up that hill each time with no thought of it being difficult, but just a singular focus on the next thrill to come.

winter kiss…a first kiss under the bleachers at a night football game. On that night the cold had no power to touch me.

moon in the trees…finishing a cross-country ski workout in college, the sun long since set, breathing heavily in the completely still and frozen air. The moon was rising over the tops of the trees bigger than I’ve ever seen it. What an incredible sense of peace.

cross country skiing at night

starry sky…walking home late at night across campus from a party, the false warmth from alcohol blocking the cold air’s icy fingers from stinging me, reveling in the immense and daunting starry winter sky.

first night boston…ringing in the New Year on First Night in Boston with my brother, sisters, and brother-in-law being totally goofy, pretending that we were a dance troupe called “Liquid Emotion.” We gave many impromptu dance shows over the course of the night to keep warm. I don’t know if I’ve ever laughed so much in my life as that night.

dance troupe

There are so many more, but I’m hoping that I can turn the reins over to you now to share your favorite cold weather memories. OK, it’s your turn…click on comments to take the reins!


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