Don’t Be Afraid to Dream Big

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A Little Story About Dreams and Fear

The other day I was driving down the road thinking of one of my dreams. I started to ask God to help make it come true, and then I stopped myself. I thought, “I have everything I need already. I don’t want to ask for more.” And then it occurred to me, “Why are you thinking that way?!”


I had myself convinced that I didn’t want to ask for more because I felt I needed to be grateful for what I have and that that should be enough. But when I pushed myself and dug down a little deeper, it became clear that the real reason I wasn’t asking was so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get what I wanted. Aha! Massive revelation!

Desire Creates Action

So then the smarter part of me said, “Whoa, hold on here.” I was realizing that I should ask for what I want. By asking God, the Universe, or just yourself for what you want, you put the wheels in motion for your dream to come true. When you allow yourself to swim in pleasurable thoughts of reaching your dream, you grow your desire for your dream. When you do that then you start taking actions to make things happen.

A Daydream

So I asked for my dream to come true. I delighted in the visualization of it coming true. It spurred me to take some actions that I normally wouldn’t have thought to do. And then lo and behold a step towards that dream came to fruition. The dream is not completed yet, but I’m a little bit closer and I believe it is because I allowed myself to dream big.

A Promise

Will dreaming big always make your wishes come true? No, maybe not exactly, but I can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll get a lot closer than if you squash thoughts of your dreams every time they surface. I’m also not saying you need to believe in God. Just believe in yourself. Ask. Dream. Take action. And receive.

What About You?

What dream have you been squashing lately? For today, allow yourself to enjoy a fantasy movie of your dream in your head. See where it takes you.

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