Where to find Happiness


This is a guest post written by Alex Ion of SocialPacks.com.

If you’re on the lookout for happiness, chances are it’s going to take awhile to find it. This isn’t because happiness is elusive, but simply because you’re not looking in the right place. This is a simple truth but too often we forget that we need to identify with our inner happiness in order for us to realize the happiness that’s around us. Looking for happiness around you will be a futile chase if you don’t learn to benefit from the little joys around you. In order to understand these little gifts, it’s important that you deal with your inner problems at first.

Don’t be the common killjoy

Killjoy is not just another word in the dictionary, it’s what all of us do most of the time. Since we are so involved with ourselves, our problems and our lives, we stop appreciating what’s around us. If you’ve had a difficult day at work, don’t take it out on your children, spouse, parents or friends. If someone talks about something joyous or simply spreads happiness after your tiring day, appreciate that rather than overlooking their attempt to spread joy. If your child makes drawing and shows it to you enthusiastically, don’t just wave it off. Instead encourage him/her because their smile should be enough to bring a smile on your face rather than turn their smiling faces into a somber look only because you weren’t careful enough to notice happiness.

Appreciate life

It’s really easy to get on with your life and find it fulfilling if you begin to appreciate what you have rather than cry about what’s not yours. Appreciate the fact that you have such a wonderful family, friends, home and be grateful about everything you’re blessed with. Be happy about the flowers that grow in your garden rather than overlook their existence and worry about the weather, or as a matter of fact anything else.

Help others

It’s very possible that you may have your own mountain of problems but that doesn’t imply that you can’t step in and help someone else. You already know how burdened you feel, so help someone else in their times of need. Step in and be that shoulder to cry on and help others get on with life.

Say “Thank You”

There’s times when someone else may bring you your file, get your cup of coffee, order lunch for you, compliment you about your clothes, and do so many other small odd jobs for you. Even if your child chooses to help clean the dry leaves from your garden, make sure you take a moment, to stop, look back, acknowledge their thoughtfulness and thank them profusely. Not only will you be acknowledging the other persons help but taking notice will certainly make the other person smile as well.

Be involved

It is really easy to live your life like a loner. Go about doing your own things and not worry about what’s happening in the world around you. You can simply go about with your daily agenda without really involving yourself in anything. But honestly that’s where you’re losing your happiness quotient. Get involved in your own life and those around you. Enjoy the moments in your life and allow yourself to reflect on them and relive them rather than let them be moments that you don’t recall. Not only do you need to give your own life a chance, but you also need to play an active part in others lives. Be there for those around you. Share their happiness and sorrow and make your life as real as possible.

Experience your life instead of just living it from the start to end. Give yourself the gift of happiness by knowing what your life really is instead of being too engaged in the normal and mundane and let each day pass by without knowing one from the other. Spend time with your loved ones, share their experiences and make it an important part of your life. Happiness is everywhere you look for it, but are your eyes open? So next time look within, then look around, find happiness and embrace it with arms wide open. It’s there in every moment and each time you look sideways, happiness will walk past without you acknowledging. So appreciate every single thing in life and feel happy because happiness doesn’t abandon you. It’s only that you tend to overlook it at times.

Written by Alex Ion of SocialPacks.com. A few of his favorite articles are Stress Season Starting, And What You Can Do About It, 6 Tips to Building a Child’s Self-Esteem, and How to Deal With Problems Coming Your Way.

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