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How to ‘Let It Be’ When You’re Upset

Let It Be

How often do people tell you to “Let It Go” when you’re upset about something? In many cases that is like saying “Don’t think of a pink elephant.” It’s almost impossible.

For a more effective alternative check out my guest article over at

How to ‘Let It Be’ When You’re Upset

While you’re there check out Leo Babauta’s brand new ebook: Zen To Done. The book give you a “simple system to get you more organized and productive, and keep your life saner and less stressed, with a set of habits. ” I’ll be writing a review of this great book shortly.

Zen To Done teaches you:

  1. The key habits needed to be productive, organized, and simplified … and no more than that.
  2. How to implement these key habits … tips on forming a habit.
  3. How to organize these habits into a simple system that will keep everything in your life in its place.
  4. How to simplify what you need to do.
  5. Minimal ZTD. Also includes an even simpler version called Minimal ZTD.

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One Response to How to ‘Let It Be’ When You’re Upset

  1. Dallas Office Space November 12, 2007 at 6:34 pm #

    How to let it be! Wow, this is something I’ve had issues with all my life. I’m the person who just cant let things go. Thanks for the book referral, Ill defiantly check it out.

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