Quantum Leap: What’s Your Next Big Thing?

Slow and Steady

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Many of the things we work on in our lives require steady work or improvements daily. And this kind of progress can yield great results. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Well, yes and no.

It’s also important every now and then to take a step that amounts to a quantum leap. All areas of your life can benefit from this type of progress.

Quantum Leap

What is a quantum leap? I define this as a crossing a chasm in one giant leap instead of many little steps. It’s taking a shortcut that isn’t obvious or is perhaps a bit scary because you’ve never treaded that path before.

How do you know when you need a quantum leap? It’s when you start to feel stifled and restless. That’s when you’re ready to breakout with your Next Big Thing!

What Does a Quantum Leap Look Like?

Here are some examples:


  • Instead of trying to increase client acquisition by spending more hours on your current marketing process, create a revamped marketing process that is more bold and powerful in terms of gaining new clients.
  • Instead of continuing to grow your core business day in and out, add a new line to your offering that compliments your core business.
  • Instead of growing a mature product line, create a new product that will eventually cannibalize your mature line, but the growth of which will take your company to the next level.


  • Instead of the standard daily kiss on the cheek and “How was your day,” re-examine your relationship and determine how you could make it richer, closer, warmer, and more supportive. (Hint: what kinds of things did you do at the beginning of your relationship?)
  • Instead of continuing to hate someone every day (hurting yourself in the process), come up with a plan that enables you to stop hating that person even if it means “embracing” that person in some fashion.


  • Instead of the half-baked efforts to diet and exercise, pick a really healthy plan that also includes daily stress reduction via meditation. Then commit to it and put a fail-proof plan into place to really stick to it.

How to Take a Quantum Leap in Your Life

1. Choose. What is the one area of your life that you want to take to the next level? Maybe you want a full life makeover. If so, narrow it down by asking yourself, “What is the one area of my life that is in most need of a change ? What is that one area that will provide an energy jump start the energy needed for a full life makeover?”

2. Analyze. Ask yourself: “If I had no fear, what is the one thing that could take me to the next level? What’s holding me back from success in this area? What is it I’m afraid to do?” Brainstorm a lot of ideas. Write them down. Don’t censor yourself and don’t worry about the details. Now, which idea scares you the most? Which idea presents the greatest challenge? That’s probably the one to pick. Don’t let fear hold you back. Remember, if you set your mind to it, You Can Do It!

3. Plan. Devise an action plan to make that quantum leap successfully. How? Write out the end goal first and work backwards. What do you need to do to reach the end goal? What are the steps you need to take? Write them all down. You can use yellow stickies and put them into order after you have all your ideas written out. Lastly, after the action steps are in order then start scheduling them into your weekly routine and into your calendar.

4. Act. Take the first action step soon, like today or tomorrow morning. Establish a goal buddy for regular progress updates, support, and encouragement. Doing this weekly will help you to fail-proof your plan.

Columbian Kids Who Take a Leap Every Morning to Go to School

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