Rolling with Your Cycles

Why Am I So Aggravated Today?

I had a couple of days recently where for no apparent reason I was agitated and tired. I had enough sleep and food. I was in the middle of making a big decision so perhaps the agitation came from that, but the reason why is not so important. What is important is that I handled it all wrong!

I released my frustration by getting into arguments with family members. I allowed myself to focus too much on how I was feeling instead of counting the blessings in my life. And I “found” reasons for why I was feeling this way, piling any and all frustrations and challenges into one big pile, most of which had nothing to do with why I was actually feeling that way.

Those days passed and I feel totally normal. But it made me think about the lessons I learned and how I could handle a low cycle better in the future. Life is messy so implementing learnings is never easy or perfect, but having that road map will make the journey smoother.


Everyone has cycles of ups and downs in their life. Cycles occur within each day and over longer time periods. They happen for many reasons some of which we can control like blood sugar by eating and some which we can’t control such as hormone based cycles or sleep cycles.

The main thing with cycles is to roll with them and not to fight them. If you are in a high cycle, ride that wave. Get great work done and enjoy your energy. During down cycles when your energy is lagging, your emotions are more edgy, and you want to throw in the towel, just ride it out. Know that an up cycle is on its way. It is inevitable!

Riding Out a Down Cycle

1. Focus on the fact that your energy will return. Know and believe that to carry you through.

2. Don’t pile extra problems on top of your down or low cycle. It doesn’t help. It just digs your hole deeper.

3. Do seek a kind person to vent your frustrations too. Your better off getting it off your chest and crying for 15 minutes than releasing your emotions through an angry argument with someone.

4. Don’t bait an argument with someone. If your down cycle is related to another person then wait until your energy returns so you can discuss things with them more rationally.

5. Pace yourself. If you can’t get some rest, at least go slow or pace yourself until you can get some rest.

6. Get some rest. Whether it is a meditation nap, a real nap, or a good night’s sleep, do it.

7. Eat and drink something. If you haven’t eaten in a while, this may be all it takes to get your energy back up to normal. Low blood sugar and dehydration are major reasons for fatigue.

8. Write down your feelings. Sometimes getting to the real reasons and brainstorming some solutions can help bring you into an upswing.

9. Find a healthy way to physically vent your emotions like going for a walk or jog, going to the driving range to hit a few golf balls, or pound the couch or some pillows.

10. Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. It will pass.

Wishing you peace!

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