Life Is Good

Life Is Good

If You Only Look for It

Who in this world is without complaints? Not many. It is human nature to complain. Why? I don’t know. But what I do know is that many of us have far more things to be grateful for than we have to complain about. The key is that we need to raise our awareness in order to realize our many gifts. How do we do this?

I suggest a day of active gratitude. What will you get from this exercise? Oh, just a little thing called happiness.

Day of Active Gratitude

Starting today, right now, begin to notice, moment to moment, each element in your life that brings goodness to your world. Even things that sometimes drive you crazy like bosses, jobs, spouses, VCR’s that don’t work, even these things, bring goodness into your life. Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers.

Everything and everyone you encounter today ask yourself:

  • What is the goodness that comes from this thing or this person?
  • How would my life be more difficult without this thing or person?
  • Now feel the gratitude.

Some Examples of Things to Be Grateful For

your bed

your pillow

Cozy and sleeps!
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ollie Crafoord

Creative Commons License photo credit: wolleydog

toilet – imagine life without this

toilet paper

toilet paper

clean running water

running water
ovens & stoves -conventional, microwave. instant and exact temperature. no soot, no waiting. how lucky to have this!

oven stove

grocery store – just imagine how amazing the concept is, that you can go one place to get so many kinds of things!

grocery store
your car

public transportation

clean air – we need to keep it this way!

your boss

your friends

your family




clothes – in the old days and still in much of the world people own just one or two outfits

free time -not everyone in the world has this. do you appreciate yours?

free time
plates & silverware

tables & chairs

table chairs
ubundant paper to write and draw on


mp3 players

deck of cards – forget video games. how many games can you play with cards?

Red Cards
Creative Commons License photo credit: K0GMB
ballpoint pen

ballpoint pen
free public libraries

library books
nature – trees, flowers, mountains, the ocean

mountain flowers


your job

opportunity – where there’s a will there’s a way.

smiley money
your computer

cell phones – many poo poo these, but come on, don’t they make life so convenient?

cell phone
telephones – try explaining to a child that there weren’t always phones. Imagine what that was like.

love – who do you love? who loves you? open your eyes to see it and appreciate it.

food – when was the last time you thought about what it would be like to live on bread, rice, and only the occasional egg or piece of meat?


Now what was it you were feeling bad about this morning? What is it that you need that you don’t already have? As my grandmother in Ireland used to say kindly to her 9 children when they complained (and they were poor), “Aren’t ye alright?” In other words, “Come on now. Don’t you have everything you need?” Don’t you?

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