How To: Your Content in PocketMod Format!


What is a PocketMod?

If you haven’t already heard of them, PocketMods are an origami-like 8 page mini booklet that is constructed by folding 1 sheet of paper. PocketMod was developed to be a customizable calendar, todo list, and more that you can carry in your purse or pocket. Click here to see their cool free online customization tool. Now they also offer the free PocketMod Converter which will convert any 8 page PDF document into a one page PocketMod format ready for printing and folding.

This guide will show you how to create your own mini booklet with your own content whether that be text, photos or graphics.

Offer Your Content in PocketMod Format

Click over to some of the PocketMods I’ve created to get an example how you could use this booklet format.

Some ideas that would make great PocketMods:

  • Blog posts
  • How to manuals
  • Guides
  • Photos
  • Motivational information
  • Reference information: i.e. calories, daily checklists, etc.

How to Convert Word Document to PocketMod Format

1. Create your Word Document. Needs to be 8 pages, of which any number can be blank.
2. Text Size: Arial size 24 or larger works best.
3. Insert pictures if desired.
4. Convert Word document to PDF. I use this free online PDF converter service which emails the PDF to you.
5. Save PDF file to your computer.
6. Download PocketMod Converter.
7. Open PocketMod Converter.
8. Click “Open PDF” and open your PDF file you just saved.
9. Choose “Output Page Size” from the dropdown menu on the converter. The default is letter size.
10. Click “Save as PocketMod.”
11. Name and save the file.

Printing and Sharing

Now you’re ready to:

12. Print and Fold. Click on “Learn to Fold the PocketMod” link on the converter for instructions.
13. Sharing: Upload to a file sharing host. I use MediaFire which is free and allows me to track the number of downloads on each file they host for me.
14. Post link to your website, blog or share via email with friends.


Click Here to Download These Instructions in PocketMod Format!

Please Share!

Please share links to the PocketMods you create here in the comments! All comments big and small are very welcomed!


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