Tudumo: Getting Things Done at the Speed of Life!

Tudumo: Getting Things Done at the Speed of Life!

I recently put together an ultimate resource guide on GTD applications, online, software and paper. Today I want to share with you, my favorite, Tudumo. This downloadable free GTD software came to my attention after I wrote the guide and I’ve since added it to the updated guide.

I’m going to review this software and share with you why I love it so much and why I think you should check it out.

Why You Should Check It Out

Aside from all the great things already in Tudumo, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the developer to help shape the functionality of this tool. How cool is that? This is a new software and the author is keen to add more features. He is very interested in hearing feedback and making this the ultimate choice for people looking to manage their time and implement David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” process. (Please note that there will be a charge for Tudumo in the future, but while it is in Beta, it is still free to use.)

The Beauty of Tudumo

Tudumo provides it all: simplicity, ease of use, and a complete system. Usually you can only get one or the other. For instance I like the speed of entry with something like WorkHack, but this simple to-do list, which is wonderful, leaves me without a complete system for multiple project lists and multiple states and tags. Another good system that is totally complete is Thinking Rock. I really like this one too, but at least for me, the process is not quick enough. Tudumo affords me all the things that I need: simplicity, ease of use, and a complete GTD system.

Let’s Take a Look Under the Hood

What can you do with Tudumo? You can:

  • Easily tag your Tasks.
  • Easily assign a state to you your actions: (Next action, Action, On Hold, Done, Waiting For, Someday/Maybe).
  • Organize Tasks under Headings (Projects for GTD)
  • Each Task can have a due date, tags, and notes.
  • You can view by multiple filters: Tags, Headings(Projects), States, Due Dates or a combination of all.
  • Print any of the views you choose.
  • Multiple selections.
  • Drag & Drop editing, re-ordering.
  • Hot Key navigation, data entry.
  • Popup reminders for due items.

And even with all this functionality, the application is very uncluttered and with the use of hotkeys or your mouse, data input is a breeze.

Tudumo in Action

I’ve taken the following demo from the Tudumo website to show you how it works:

Simple can be powerful – an example of how to use the filters

A view of the inbox – just the projects with no tasks:

I want to see what to do at the computer,
so I select the @Computer tag at the bottom:

Looking just at the items at your computer

I see that I have an action that involves Derek –
so I want to know what else involves Derek. I click on the “Derek” tag:

Looking just at the items with a person

One task has a note in it, so I expand just that task to see what’s inside:

Expanding a single task

Now let’s focus just on the anniversary project –
I want to hide everything else.
So I click on the arrow on the right of the project, and get:

Focusing on just one project

Now I’d like to see absolutely everything, so I remove all filters:

Everything in the project

That’s just one part of Tudumo. There are notes and dates and states and autocomplete for tags,
but I’ll show you that later. If you like what you see and think you could put it to good use,
download the beta on this page.

What Does the Future Hold for Tudumo?

Some features being worked on are:

  • Being able to increase/decrease font size for customized viewing preferences.
  • Being able to print to a Pocket Mod format.
  • Syncing with Outlook.
  • Possible web interface.
  • Windows Mobile phone capabilities.

Everyone Has Their Own Unique Needs

I love Tudumo. But you need to judge for yourself. Give it a try and see how it works for you. And then send the developer some feedback to help him improve this already wonderful software. You can also join the Google Group: Tudumo help, tips, and tricks. You’ll need to download Microsoft .Net environment if you don’t already have it, but don’t worry, it’s free, quick and easy. If you have Vista, then you already have it.

Go Try It Now: Download Tudumo!

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    Getting Things Done at the Speed of Life!…

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