9 Super Cool Search Engines to Jazz Up Your Creativity

See Something Exciting Today!

Do you always search with your favorite like Google or Yahoo? When was the last time you tried something new? How about today?!

These Search Engines can help supercharge your creativity by coming up with results you won’t find on the standard search engines. And they can inspire you to think beyond your usual day to day thought patterns. For anyone who blogs this experimentation is a must!

They’re not all brand new, but if you’ve never seen them before then they’ll be new to you!

Super Cool Search Engines:

  1. PageBull – results display images of the websites that are relevant. This is a really cool one.
  2. Vivisimo  – I love this search engine because the display of results is so useful. You see the top 20 results. On the left there are “clustered results” which show the different categories into which the search results fall. It allows you to narrow your search on the fly.
  3. ClustyVery Useful and Cool. This the branded search engine by Vivisimo. Same thing except it is “Wii Friendly“Â is also optimized for searching using the Nintendo Wii.
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  4. MsDewey – ok, this one is a little strange, a bit of a time waster, and designed for guys. An attractive “prerecorded” woman responds to your search request. You kinda have to see it. Try clicking on Best of Dewey for some fun. By Microsoft.
  5. AlltheWeb Livesearch – this one produces results as you type in words so you can narrow results or widen them just by typing.
  6. AskX – brought to you by Ask.com. It suggests terms to both widen and narrow your results. I list it here only in the hopes that it will get better. The better choice is to use Clusty or AlltheWeb Livesearch instead. They are better in helping you find what you want.
  7. Kartoo – results are presented in a mind map type format which is visually pleasing. When you mouse over the results you will see various additional information in the left-hand column such as latest info posted on that site, a snapshot of the site, and categories of information. Also links between the results will highlight as you mouse over the “topics” in the left hand navigation. A must-see.
  8. Grokker – visual search results from Yahoo and/or Wikipedia and/or Amazon. Allows you to view both an outline view or a map view. With the map application you can zoom in and out for more detailed information. Good for creative searching. Too complex for a quick search.
  9. SearchMash – SE by Google. Results include multiple categories: images, blogs, videos, and wikipedia. Handy, but for image searches alone I prefer google image search because it gives you more information about the image. Worth a look, for sure.

I still love Google, but with these I can break out and think different for a brief moment in time to come up with some great new ideas!

What super cool search engines have you found? Tell us about them with a comment. Thanks to my most recent commenters: Sham, Deni, Tisha, Court, and Ilker.

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