You Gotta Get This: Google Personalized Homepage!

What is Google Personalized Homepage?

It’s all your needs in one place. Like your own personalized Newspaper and Concierge Service all in one.

  • Email
  • RSS Feeds
  • Weather
  • Dictionary
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Horoscope
  • Your Finances
  • Customized News
  • Games
  • Social Networking
  • TVGuide, Maps
  • Best Local Gas prices
  • YouTube Videos
  • You Name it!

Pretty much if you can think it, you can add it there. Here’s a snapshot:

Google Personalized Homepage


How Do I Get a Personalized Google Homepage?

Simple. On Google.com just click in the upper right hand corner where it says “Personalized Home” and follow the instructions. Google makes things easy. (Subscribe to my feed to ensure you don’t miss my upcoming post on all the ways to utilize Google’s free and useful resources.)


Can I See Life Learning Today There?

Yes! Here is how it will look:

You can click on the + symbol to see the full post. And click again to close it. No refreshing of the page. Simple. Fast.

How Do I Add Life Learning Today to My Personalized Google Homepage?


Simple: Just Click on this button below and choose “Homepage” or “Reader” if you prefer.

Add to Google Button:


    Add to Google    <<<<<<<—–CLICK THERE TO ADD LIFE LEARNING TODAY

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