Why I Blog About Life and Why Should You Care

Why do you blog about your topic? What made you choose it?

I blog about Life Learning tips because:

  • Life is a learning experience. The more I pay attention to and use what I learn, the better my life becomes.
  • I am passionate about sharing what I learn in order to help others.
  • It provides a fantastic place to explore what I learn with a community that is also interested in learning.
  • I learn from my reader community.

Why Should You Care?…A Tip That Can Change Your Life if You Use It

Helpful Tip: At the end of each day, ask yourself “What did I learn today and how can I use that to make my life better?” If you do this every day, little by little you can make dramatic positive changes that will benefit not only you, but also the people in your life.

This is part of a meme started by CourtneyTuttle.com. If you’re interested in joining the list, please comment on this post. (You will get a link from everyone else that does it. You will of course need to link to everyone that does it as well.)

Find out why they chose their topics (It will probably take them a day or two for them to get the post up): CourtneyTuttle.com, CJ, The Nerds, MoneyZ, Tags Kitchen, BlogRaters, Advice Hero, WriteToRight, Deni Preston Fitness, AccelerationOfMoney, CameronSpeaks, ErikSvend, BloggingForBills, LifeLearningToday, YOU! (if you want to join the list, comment!)

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