Action Creates Energy!

Waiting for Inspiration?

Are you feeling lethargic? Do you feel bad about not taking action on some of your goals? You know, those goals you stated at New Year’s? Maybe they are goals you’ve had for years now. Do you beat yourself up about it? Do you try not to think about it?

Well, Stop! Waiting for inspiration and motivation to hit while you’re sitting is not going to happen. You have to take action to get the energy you need. You must Act! You must Do, in order to start to feel the excitement!

Boldness Has Genius!

What if I told you that a small action taken today could make your goals a reality? I will show you how easy it is to begin Right Now. That first small step will set in motion powerful momentum that will carry you as your dream unfolds! Let me show you how simple it is. First  I’ll present the 5 Simple Steps and then an Example.

5 Simple Steps

  1. DECIDE. Decide to START on that goal that’s been tumbling around in your brain forever. You know the one. (Just pick one for now)
  2. DO. Take action on the first step you know has to be done. Don’t think about it anymore that is absolutely necessary. You can do more than one step if you want.
  3. PLAN. You will now have some energy from taking action! Congrats. Use that momentum to plan out how to reach your goals. Use the SMART criteria: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Results-Oriented, and Time-bound. What, When, How, Who, and Where.
  4. FAILPROOF IT. This is key. Make sure your plan ensures you stay on track. Break parts of your plan into CHUNKS that can be done in small compartments of time. Get a GOAL-BUDDY. Make a pact to keep each other on track. Pick someone that you know has discipline.
  5. CELEBRATE. Track and celebrate your progress. Use a simple notebook, spreadsheet, blog, PDA, your calendar, whatever. But do it. Daily. Nothing fancy, just something that allows you too see the big picture of your progress.

Example: Starting a BlogLeaping ahead

  1. DECIDE. You’ve been dreaming about sharing some ideas you have. You’d love to have a website, but you “don’t have time to plan.” Decide today to START!
  2. DO. Go to a free blogging platform and sign up! (Blogger, WordPress, WordPress for hosted solutions) Set up your blog! On Blogger, this couldn’t be easier. You can always research more options later, but get started!
  3. PLAN. After you’ve set up your blog and written your first post, now it is time to plan. You’ll want to plan in these areas: Design & Layout, Functionality, Content, Promotion of your Blog, Advertisements (optional), Research. Keep a notebook with these headings. Write down things as you discover or think of them.
  4. FAILPROOF IT. Plan this into your day or week. How much time can you devote to it? Schedule it into your calendar. Make that time non-negotiable. Tell someone about your blog to keep you going and to motivate you to write your best.
  5. CELEBRATE. Keep track of your progress daily. Even if you just write down a few lines of what you accomplished. This will give you more energy to keep going. Set goals and rewards for reaching them. Let’s say your goal is to write a post every day. Set a reward for when you finish your first month or week. Maybe you want to treat yourself to some music or a book or a coffee date with a friend where you really relax. Or maybe you buy yourself that gadget you’ve been wanting to get.

What goal will you tackle today? Make it simple by doing just one thing towards reaching that goal and planning the next thing you will do tomorrow. Failproof it and then celebrate your success! Share with us here at Life Learning Today! Let’s support each other in our goals!

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