Implementing The Secret – Part 1

One Day at a Time

In order to implement The Secret successfully, I recommend taking element from the book or the video and concentrating on them one day at a time.

“Fighting” Gets You More of Your Problems.

When most people want to change things, they “fight” the element that they see as the problem, instead of focusing on the solution. Examples are Anti-War, Anti-Abortion, fighting drugs, fighting disease, fighting the enemy. This is giving energy to the problem, keeping it alive, keeping it attracted into your life.

Grand CanyonHow to Manifest Good Things in Your Life

Instead of fighting, you should focus on the good that you want to see. So be For things. To use our examples above, be Pro-Peace, Pro-Life, be For education and betterment of children, be for health, be for finding solutions.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Focus on this one element of The Secret today. Be “For” what you want to see in your life. Bless and praise the good things. Ask, Believe, Receive. Ask for what you want. Believe you deserve it. Receive it as if it is already in your life.

Suggested Mantras

I am healthy. I am getting younger. Everything happens easily for me. I am unlimited. I am receiving good things in my life because I am good. Money comes easily and often. What will you focus on today?



The Secret


The Secret (Extended Edition)

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