The Secret Law of Attraction and Relationships

The Law of Attraction Can Help Your Relationship

Are you frustrated with one or more of your relationships in your life? Do you find yourself continually frustrated? Do you want to have a better relationship with your mate, your parent, your child, your coworker? The good news is if you want to improve your relationships, The Law of Attraction can help you.

What Is The Secret Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that what ever your mind envisions will be attracted into your life. Thoughts become things. Thoughts have a frequency that can be high or low. And the higher the frequency or vibration energy you have around that vision, the stronger it will be attracted into your life. It doesn’t matter if the energy is positive or negative. What matters is the strength of that energy.

couch potatoThought Vibration in Action

Here are a couple examples, one positive and one negative, but both with high energy.

Negative Energy Example: Suzy-Q keeps thinking about her husband “I hate how John overeats and never gets off the couch.” In her mind she hold a picture of her overweight husband on the couch eating. And as she sees this picture in her mind, she feels a lot of anger and resentment. John has felt the anger and resentment, and their relationship has suffered.What result does Suzy-Q keep manifesting? Yep, you got it. John sitting on the couch eating and gaining more weight. The Law of Attraction has been at work in her relationship, but she hasn’t used it to her benefit.

Positive Energy Example:  Paul has spent years judging his wife Amy, much the same way as Suzy-Q has judged her husband John, with similar results. But Paul is ready to use The Law of Attraction to benefit his relationship, so he tries a new approach. Paul starts with gratitude. He thinks about what he appreciates in his wife. She is kind. She cooks great meals. She cares for him when he is sick. Paul is proud of her intellectual capabilities. They share an interest in current events and like to discuss them.

Replacing the Negatives: Paul starts replacing his old negative thoughts with positive thoughts about Amy. Paul begins to thank Amy for everything she does. Paul compliments her on her skills and best qualities. He tells her he loves her.

A Change Begins: Amy starts to feel good about herself. She starts to feel warmth and love for Paul again, where before she felt ashamed and depressed. Now when Paul asks Amy to join him on his evening walk, she wants to go. She wants to be with Paul. She wants to look better for Paul. Their relationship is strengthened and Amy becomes a little healthier over time from walking and eating better because she feels better about herself. A couple during Sunset - Love is in the air!

Improved Relationship: Paul and Amy’s relationship improves because Paul made a conscious decision to envision a better relationship. He focused on gratitude and took action on making the positive changes that he could control. By taking his emotional energy away from the negatives and placing that emotional energy on the things that were positive he was able to improve the quality of his relationship.

How to Use The Law of Attraction to Improve Your Relationship

  1. Decide that you want a better relationship. This is not the same as deciding you want to change the other person.
  2. What are your current thought patterns and pictures you hold in your mind regarding your relationship?
  3. What do you appreciate in the other person? What are their strenghts, skills, and other qualities that you like?
  4. Begin to think about those more positive qualities and do it with strong emotion.
  5. What action can YOU take that will improve this relationship? (showing gratitude-how?, being kind, finding humor, loving unconditionally, compromising more)
  6. Begin to take action.
  7. Journal your results.
  8. Create a plan that will keep you on course for the long term. Set up ways to remember. (plan in your calendar, set alarm on your PDA, wear a rubber band around wrist, whatever works)
  9. Stick with it. However long it took for your relationship to get “bad” allow at least that much time to make it “good” again. Take it slow. Recognize progress no matter how slow, and pretty soon you’ll see great results multipy.


It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. Even if you stick with your old patterns, you are using energy to do that. You’ve got nothing to lose by shifting that energy in a positive direction, using The Law of Attraction to improve your relationship. If you want change, this is the most powerful way to make it happen. Take your time and enjoy.

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